How to beat the streak

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User Info: TimTheTank01

4 years ago#1
Best easy way

I lost like 30 matches I got close with mysterio I went for the 4th finisher and taker reverse to and hit finisher and pin

Any tips would help thanks

User Info: Saxon

4 years ago#2
If you wanna be cheap, keep the battle outside and wear him down with weapons and spamming.

User Info: TimTheTank01

4 years ago#3
I tryed fair match I tryed weopens outside of ring it's crazy what's spamming ?

User Info: Saxon

4 years ago#4
Spamming is running grapples or taking advantage by using the same move over-and-over.

User Info: THEmtg3drinks

4 years ago#5
1) Go outside the ring.
2) Grab steel steps.
3) Perform weapon grapple while holding steel steps. (You're invincible during this motion, so...)
4) Go in ring and apply any head targeting submission - I like the Triangle Choke but I have also used the Sharpshooter, Full Nelson, and a Sleeper Hold.
Profit. Success, you have now defeated the streak.

Now that you've done this, go fight him heads up without the "lame" tactics - I lasted fifteen minutes with Santino Marella, and kicked out of five pinfalls with a generic CAW who had the default moveset (DDT 6 as my finisher), and a 78 Ovr. Can you hold out better than I did?
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User Info: Darkstar00

4 years ago#6
I guess I did it the cheap way then:p. I used Dr. Doom and pretty much went for the head the entire match, I used the ring bell approach instead of the steps, too slow for my taste, gonna try again tonight to get Retro Taker since I haven't got him yet.
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User Info: Demonhacker1

4 years ago#7
Im going to assume you are going to try for unlocks, make sure you unlock retro taker first because he does not have Hell's Gate. Basically what you can do is grab an unbreakable weapon (Ring Bell, Sledgehammer, Stairs) and go to the top of the entrance ramp. Taker should follow you, for with you will then beat him down with the weapon. Check his health every once in awhile and eventually use a submission on a red body part to get him to waste his resiliency. When you find him sufficiently damaged, and have a finisher or two (Pin Combo Finishers and Submission Finishers are the best), lure him back into the ring and hit him with a finisher as he gets in. If you used a non-Combo/Pin Finisher be sure to pin him at his legs if he is retro or at his mid body if he is modern.

If he uses his no-sell or his lights out teleport, Run away as soon as the animation finishes and leave the ring. Let him follow and use his finisher on you or reverse it. Then build up another finisher and lead him back into the ring.
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User Info: TheDudeGames

4 years ago#8
stay outside and use weapons til you have him worn down enough, then hit a finisher in ring. if you can use a weapon WITH your finisher, even better, for instance i won with Diesel by jackknifing him onto the steel steps.
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User Info: Soultsukino

4 years ago#9
I really monkeyed with the system to defeat the streak, here is how I did it

-I reset the games AI settings so that the computer had the disadvantage.

-Reset the damage settings so my moves hurt the ai more and counted more towards getting a finisher

-switched Taker;s moves with Aksana's

This only slides things more in your favor, not making it easy by any means. During the match itself I made use of the ring bell the most on the outside of the ring and beat the taker down. I didn't even try for a pin inside the ring unless I've hit my finisher twice, and in some cases that didn't work. With King Kong Bundy, I hit the finisher 5 times, but I hit 2 back to back to win the match. With Shawn, I switched his superkick finishers to a regular one that you can fire off just standing instead of having to be in the corner or running.

But yeah, most of you matches will be outside the ring clobbering taker with the ring bell
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