This game is good but not as good as htcp or fpwr

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User Info: RonWeassly

3 years ago#51
AzaneAzer posted...
HCTP was really masking it's season mode, it actually has less diversions than 30 years of WM has matches (Try it for yourself, there's about 40 "storylines" total in HCTP season, it's not as endless as people think it is).

I played the hell out of it, and probably put more time into HCTP(5) than any of the other Smackdown's besides SYM(4), which was my personal favorite.

The reason nostalgia always comes up when you bring up a 10 year old game, is because it's also what you're bringing up, even if you can't see it. Within it's time frame, HCTP was amazing, if it were released today, it would not outdo WWE2k14 on it's own, because you need that nostalgia factor.

That is a bold lie. A bold lie. It has way more diversions than that. Sometimes you ahve to lose matches too or choose different options. Even if it were just 40, all 30 years of Mania is is re-living matches. I'm in favor of bringing season back.

And I agree that I loved SYM's season more.

I'm not saying this games perfect, but I do remember HCTP having its fair share of problems as well, one of them being no one at the time seemed to be a fan of the season mode, go figure.

Another bold faced lie.

User Info: RonWeassly

3 years ago#52
. In no mercy and VPW2 you could actually edit the wrestler on the roster name, face and body and in this game and the others before this one you can't.

That's a WWE decision. They don't want their wrestlers to look stupid. And Superstar heads doesn't count because while they are the model of the wrestler, they're completely different.

User Info: HillHammer

3 years ago#53
Thats why the forum for HCTP has an equal amount of threads complaining about the game as this forum does, cause I'm a bold faced liar.

Check your facts before calling someone a liar.

User Info: Foreman22

3 years ago#54
^^^Pretty close to it. I was on the HCTP boards when it came out. 2K14 has had more negative observations than HCTP with in the same TIME FRAME. Now over all after what 8 years many may have posted negative comments expecting a perfect game.
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  3. This game is good but not as good as htcp or fpwr

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