WWE Network on XBOX 360? So, you cannot watch WCW/ECW ppvs? Or previous Manias?

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User Info: tmacbooking

3 years ago#1
Ive been playing the 30 Years of Wrestlemania Mode today, i waited this long so that i could beat a match, then go to the wwe network on my 360 and actually watch it. Anyway, As Andre the Giant I won the Bodyslam Challenge match against Big John Stud (awesome!) and then wanted to go watch the match on the wwe network wrestlemania1.

this is when i noticed, you can ONLY watch wrestlemania 29. You cant watch Mania 1-28. Then i started digging and realized that Mania, Rumble, Summerslam, and Survivor Series all have broken "Select year" buttons, so you can ONLY watch the most recent(2013 and 2014 in the rumbles case)

this got me digging further and there are *NO* ECW or WCW PPVs. *AT ALL*. (unless you go into wwes great american bash section in which those ppvs are included as the same name). But theres no catagory like "WWE PPVs, WCW PPVS, or ECW PPVS". and theres no search function so no way to find them manually.

Get this , so i call WWE NETWORK help line, and they ask whats wrong. I said i cannot access WCW or ECW on my network and wrestlemania 1-28 isn't accessible. They *CORRECTED ME* and said that "sir this is W-W-E-, i am not sure what letters you are using." Yes, this guy working for wwe network didnt know what a W-C-W or E-C-W was. And then he told me that "Wrestlemania takes place in April and will not be available until then." i said "What about the past wrestlemanias?" and he said...and i cannot believe this......"Wrestlemania has not happened yet sir. It is a network exclusive that we hope you will enjoy in April. The good news is it is absolutely free on the network".

I hung up. So then i go on their "Twitter help" and i tweet the problem that i cannot access all media available, either through lack of menu, or flat out just not being available. 5 hours later they tweeted me back "The Login issue has been resolved and you can now long into XBOX 360 and enjoy programming. Thankyou!"

id be fine if they just said "oh wow thats a bummer, we're gonna see what we can do." or just FLAT OUT SAY "ok yeah WCW/ECW will not be available on the 360"...ok bummer BUT if its the way it is, fine. BUT to basically show no understanding of the problem is not only ridiculous, it is insulting to anyone who has ever done company help lines, or customer service in any capacity.

Do i expect the person on the phone or internet to know what the full card was at Bash at the Beach? No. Do i expect them to know the intricate details of any character, storyline, or gimmick match? No. But when i say..."I cannot access the content labeled WCW" i DO expect them to at least understand that "WCW" is a sub-category in the wwe network content V.O.D. library. I DO expect them to understand that i am not asking about a problem solved a week ago with the login, and that my issue IS valid since im paying for a service that isnt working right.

And im fine that its buggy and not working right, but im NOT fine with them seemingly being done "fixing" anything and leaving it the way it is. No Wrestlemanias 1-28 on the 360? No past Summerslams, Survivor Series, Rumbles? and all cause of a bug in their "select a year" button that they JUST DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE.

I am insulted. Flabbergasted. and most of all hungry. And now i have to REPLAY the bodyslam challenge because my save file crashed.

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User Info: TypeONegative90

3 years ago#2
But wait, It gets better! It's not even in hd on the 360. When you play a ppv, the hd buffering symbol in the pause menu shows it not loading it in hd
No Hope = No Fear

User Info: MichaelHunter

3 years ago#3
Yeah, it's definitely jacked up on 360. However, you can get a few WCW ppv's. Old Great American Bash ppv's are on there. No luck with ECW PPV's, with the exception of WWECW shows.

Hope they fix this. I wanna watch BattleBowl, Barely Legal, WarGames and November to Remember PPV's on my big screen.

Maybe I'll just get a Roku player.
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User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
3 years ago#4
Yeah, it really is frustrating... and like you said, a lot more frustrating that you called and they have no idea what is going on. Just saying "Yes, that's an issue we're working on, we don't know when it will be fixed." is better than "What are you talking about!?"

User Info: KHWyvern

3 years ago#5
Yep, once again, glad I didn't get the Network, cause apparently they don't seem to care.
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User Info: DeathX2270

3 years ago#6
HDMI cable from my laptop to my tv, problem solved for me. They will get it right soon, it took a while just to get it working. Now i do think they should have extended the trial another week because of the login issue.

User Info: TheIncision

3 years ago#7
Ya it really sucks. I want to watch the network on my 60in TV, and not being able to get the wcw and ecw ppvs is a real bummer. I hope they fix it.
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User Info: jchurfer

3 years ago#8
I don't believe TC. I called to check on it and they said they were working on it and that they hope to have the issue resolved within the next week.
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User Info: asdam_teabag

3 years ago#9
jchurfer posted...
I don't believe TC. I called to check on it and they said they were working on it and that they hope to have the issue resolved within the next week.

Haha so because you spoke to somebody who knew what they were talking about the TC must be lying? Can't imagine why he would...

User Info: tmacbooking

3 years ago#10
well i DO enjoy lying for attention and drama, but this isn't one of those cases. This person on the phone seemed to not only have english as a second language and wwe network as a non understanding, but also seemed to quite literally just be reading a script and finding the "Best" solution answer for my question.

that doesn't work. If i say "my garage is on fire" and they choose the answer "ok sir, calm down, it is fine, just stop, drop, and roll." guess what, doesn't help.

same with when i say "I cant access WCW or ECW ppvs on the network via the 360 application"...telling me.."sir, the login issue has been resolved as of March 3rd". doesn't help. AT ALL. its not even the same question, or relevant!
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