Hidden Objective with Triple H vs Jericho?

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User Info: infernopro

3 years ago#11
OverlordBahamut posted...
infernopro posted...
OverlordBahamut posted...
reistroffer posted...
Triple h blew out his knee on raw about 11 months before this match. The objective I had was to pedigree jericho n pin in 10 seconds

how did you get the hidden objective to appear, though? I tried just about everything and I STILL can't get it to unlock. I lost count of how many signature and finisher moves I did....

Did you do a figure four leg lock on Jericho, escape the Walls Of Jericho and pedigree the man?

more times than I can count. I guess I just didn't do it in the proper timeframe or something?

Try doing it all in the proper time frame then you will pass this part.
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User Info: Ite

3 years ago#12
You have to prop a chair in the corner to trigger the event.

User Info: OverlordBahamut

3 years ago#13
Well, I finally got it to happen, and all I had to do was grapple the guy. DIdn't have to let him hit me with his walls, didn't have to prop a chair or anything else. Just had to grapple him.....I wonder if there's more than one way to trigger it or something?

User Info: mx61996

3 years ago#14
how do you do a figure four on Jericho?

User Info: DarkAmdusias

3 years ago#15
You have to hold X by his feet.
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