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User Info: seemsthatway

4 years ago#1
I know these kind of things usually fall on deaf ears, but at least this year we have a form to submit bugs to 2K to fix. I'm willing to give them a chance to oversee it being done so I thought we could all work together and compile a large list of bugs. Maybe after we get it all together, we can all send in at least one form with the list. Maybe if they get enough reports of the same bug, they'll rectify it?


Todays NWO pack, the sound for Curt Hennig is messed up. Sometimes the volume goes mute for a second, and a good chunk of his moves have no sound attached to it.

The save glitch with DLC that resets stuff in your game is still here for the 3rd or 4th year straight.

Add on in this thread for real bugs. Not silly complaints like, "He's wearing the wrong boots for that hairstyle". Trying to be productive here!

If anyone wanted to take a look at the form this is all going to be compiled together for in the end for us all to send, it's located at

I'm also posing this on the 360 board.
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User Info: occupine

4 years ago#2
sound cutting when daniel bryan yells "no" during his kicks
sound lag (slamming sounds are delayed by 1 second)
the hair glitch is back
cut scene move-set swaps
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User Info: Psycko101

4 years ago#3
1-Game freezes in created stories is one that annoys particularly.


3-Dlc apparently as the same issues as before,as well.

Just to name a few xD
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User Info: XavierKnight4d

4 years ago#4
Can't change cage matches to allow pins despite announcer announcing you can win by pin or submission

Announcer cuts out on championship announcing

Can't have a universe draft on two shows if there is a show between them
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User Info: WickedSickJosh

4 years ago#5
Music Jukebox only allowing one custom song
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User Info: rikkulu

4 years ago#6
Divas run like males unless you rebound off the ropes first.

User Info: ptrgiese

4 years ago#7
I got a couple of bugs...

Daniel Bryan gets cut off on the "No!"

The announcer doesn't announce the first superstar (goes mute, and still does announce animation), but he does in the second.

Curt Hennig goes mute a bit, after a slam to the canvas.

The custom championships doesn't get announced at some arenas.

Some of the entrances, during matches, rarely freeze up, in the middle of the entrance

That's all I know.
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User Info: danny boyx

danny boyx
4 years ago#8
I'm glad others are having the sound cutting during Hennig matches, thought my PS3 was about to die or something.
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User Info: Cody32390

4 years ago#9
You can turn off the stage trons in tag entrances, but they stay on regardless.

Earlier today I was playing Hogan, Hall and Nash vs Triple H, Flair and Batista in a no dq elimination tag. There was a lot of slow down, and while controlling Hogan, I tried to get out of the ring and Hogan just walked through the ropes and hovered around outside. I haven't been able to duplicate this.

User Info: XiahouSong

4 years ago#10
Sometimes when I slam someone in the ring it makes a sound like they're being hit with a chair or as if they were slammed on a chair when there's no chair in the ring.
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