How do I beat Randy Savage?

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User Info: TheOlJollyRoger

4 years ago#1
Not sure how to get the leverage pin. He is locked in super power mode as soon as he comes out of the elbow drop sequence and usually beats me right away. Twitter @googathepirate

User Info: El Marsh

El Marsh
4 years ago#2
yo googa

to get the leverage pin, you have to get him into a "stun" state

the easiest way to do this is to work the body for a while and once they're in the orange, toe kick them (diagonal down and square) which will cause them to hunch in a stun for a quick second

IMMEDIATELY after toe-kicking them, flick the right analog stick up/down to do a leverage pin

you can also get the stun state by doing enough damage and just picking up a downed opponent who will stand there dazed for a couple of seconds

as for Savage in hyper mode, just reverse him

unlike certain later AI wrestlers, he doesn't tend to reverse your reversals so just counter him, pop him, and leverage pin him

Disappointing you is like choking the Little Mermaid with a bike chain.

User Info: kosher

4 years ago#3
wow just hope

User Info: TheOlJollyRoger

4 years ago#4
I beat him. Andres giving me trouble now. I can beat the guys it's clearing the extra stuff that's trouble.

Freak in Andre I clear everything except he glitches out when I go to do leg drop every time Twitter @googathepirate
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