First Person View Only! LOL!

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User Info: Arcadia12

4 years ago#1
This game just loss a ton of sales. They still got time to fix it or else they will regret it later.

User Info: ZeroCool000111

4 years ago#2
That's the only way to play these games. You can't get the same feeling if you were driver in bumper view.
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User Info: MlREFOX

4 years ago#3
Who plays a racing game with the camera pulled back? That's the no-skill, noob-level, lack-of-realism, arcade-trash way to play.

True race fans won't settle for anything other than the cockpit view.

Go back to Mario Kart, TC.

User Info: beardface21

4 years ago#4
That's dumb. They should allow for external views.

Not everyone wants everything to be hardcore real.
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User Info: Arcadia12

4 years ago#5
lol this game is not a racing simulator therefore cockpit view is retarded

User Info: beginningatlast

4 years ago#6
Arcadia12 posted...
lol this game is not a racing simulator therefore cockpit view is retarded

So you are clearly not the target audience. Stop complaining and move along. It would be like me complaining that I like shooting games but buck hunter has me shooting deer which I don't like so it's clearly garbage that no one will purchase.

It's a design decision nothing wrong with it. They are trying to make the game more immersive.

User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#7
When Mario kart 7 has more view options there is a problem. It's not all about immersion. Forza 4 has what 4-5 different view modes and its a simulation racing game. I've yet to really play a racing game that can fully compare to driving a real car and until that point ill keep my 3rd person chase games that I've been using since the beginning (not counting overhead track views on my Atari).

User Info: Darkrobotisback

4 years ago#8
Its not about silly first person views or the classic chase cam.

What really matters is if I can crash my god damn Volkswagon on to your mini cooper >:)

Btw TC is just a narby troll, some one should lock this topic for making Oni-chan sad...

Even if the game is in first person, whats wrong with that? I love any view and I personally don't mind after all its a racing game. All that matters is if I can crash your beautiful mini cooper to my lmao 1960's Volkswagon head on while at the same time you rage quit cause I thought the game was a destruction derby contest, and that I was some how qualified for the Stock Car qualifcations ~.~
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