Paper trail tracker drone possible passwords

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User Info: kovgaszt1

3 years ago#11
well I finished part 1... figured out the drone code and stuff... its kinda complicated so pm me for help.

short version: make sure you have all the 6 attempts for the password. then start by trying the following 1,2,3,4,5,6. if its an X throw that number away. if its yellow keep it and if its green keep it where it is. so lets say you got: X,2(yellow),3(yellow),X,5(green),X

next numbers you wanna try:7,3,2,8,5,9

lets say this time you get: X,3(green),2(green),8(yellow),5(green) and 9(yellow)

now, you have 1,4 and 6 as X in the first try. don't try those numbers.
then you have 7 as an X in the second one so don't try that either.

now you have 4 attempts to get them in the right order. since we tried 9 numbers we know that there is only a 0 left. so the possibilities are : 0,3,2,9,5,8..... or.... 9,3,2,0,5,8.....or....8,3,2,9,5,0.....or .... 9,3,2,0,5,8

good luck!

User Info: Just-_-G

3 years ago#12
ive jus figured this out, basically u click onthe key pad and type numbers 1-6 which ever letters show yellow are in the wrong place but are a part of the code so take a note of them. tip i wrote 6 X's at top of a peice of paper so i cud wright down the order of the numbers easily underneath (the numbers that turn green) and i wrote the numbers that i knew but were in the wrong place at the bottem. once u have 6 yellow numbers u have ur code now u just need to sort out the order of numbers( all numbers u need can be found in a max of two attempts by typing 1-6 and then 7-O if an X shows it means that number is not in the code) hint.... if number shows green its in the correct place...type in one of the yellow numbers repitedly e.g 444444 to find out where the 4 goes, wright the four under the correct X at the top of ur page and move on to ur next yellow number to find the placement of ur next number ect ect
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