Farming Uber Bosses for Hellfire Organs

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User Info: ChickenChaser

4 years ago#1

1. Is it viable, generally speaking, to solo the uber bosses?

2. If the uber boss does not drop the organ, can I dashboard out and retry, to avoid endlessly farming for keys? I currently have enough mats for 3 infernal machines ...

3. With my current gear setup I can comfortably farm at Master 2, I can farm OK with some repair bills at Master 3, Master 4 is a deathfest. Master 1 is easymode, Master 5 I have not tried given my results on master 4.
Given those facts, Can I handle soloing the uber bosses for the hellfire mats on Master 1? And is Master 1 even worth it with the drop rates?

4. What is the drop rate for the organs below Master Levels?

User Info: Ryukami211

4 years ago#2
I was able to solo farm the uber bosses on master 1 and got all 3 drops. just get your 3 stacks of valor. then open a portal, if they drop the part i would go to your banner and change something on it. this will force the game to auto save.

next open a new portal and try again. if it doesn't drop you can dashboard and it won't save. the sucky part is on your next try you might get the same portal to open again causing you to dashboard until you get a portal you need.

I was lucky and got my first two on the first run. the last on took 7 tries. good luck.
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User Info: SGDonZ

4 years ago#3
If they don't drop an Organ, then you'll have to get a new Infernal Machine. I didn't get a Organ on my first run against the Skeleton & Mhagda (i forgot to stack Nephalem Valor x 3) that's important! You won't get any Organs without that! If you can solo M2 then i highly recommend it. That's what i did. My dps was around 150k. Last night i got the Vengeful Eye from Siege Breaker or Zoltun Kulle. I had 2 people with me and we all got a Organ.

User Info: Strigol81

4 years ago#4
IMO stick at master 2

each master level is 20% chance to drop the organs

my barb can farm master 3 with a few deaths on particularly nasty affix combos

I did my ubers fights on master 3 and it was freaking brutal doing seigebreaker / zul, the other 2 weren't that bad however
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User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#5
I tried all of the above suggestions but IMO the best way is to do it on Master V. (100% drop rate)

If you cannot do it on Master V, find a friend that can do it on M5. It will drop a part for each of you.

Another thing, long range Intelligence builds are the better IMO. Wizard and WD are the best to fight these Ubers on Master V. Your not standing in front of them so it's hard to get hit with melee and their elemental attacks are weak against you. Only reflected damage is your issue.
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User Info: ChickenChaser

4 years ago#6
Im going to try on m2 when I get home .. I can stack round 180k dps on my DH but then his resists are under 400 and he has like 55k health... or I can run at around 120k dps with 420is resists and 68k health.

pretty sure I'll be able to solo it on m1, not so sure about m2 but I'll give it a try

User Info: Strigol81

4 years ago#7
need a bit more HP, but your stats are similar to my barb when I did them on ML 3, had about 180k damage, 400 all resists, 80K hp

ML 2 should be fine, on ML3 you'll need a ton of life leech / life on hit, or alot more HP
Xbox / PS3 / Iphone gamecenter: Strigol
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