Does anyone actually like leaving the Animus?

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  3. Does anyone actually like leaving the Animus?

User Info: thedeadman568

3 years ago#1
All it really did since the first game was break the flow of the story and make me wish it was over already. I hoped now that Desmond is dead, they would finally leave that stuff out but now it's worse than ever and I have to stop being a pirate to do office chores? Are you kidding me?

Am I alone in this?
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User Info: Shannagon24

3 years ago#2
The hack puzzles are kind of fun, but I can't be arsed to look for all the PC's :P
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User Info: BMac89

3 years ago#3
Yea i hate leaving the Animus also. The little side missions where your run around the office are annoying and not fun at all.
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User Info: drointhewind

3 years ago#4
I dont even know why they keep the present day stuff going. Its never added anything, after AC3 it actually kinda ruined it for me
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User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#5
Yes. I enjoy the Desmond back story more than the pirate story. The pirate story so far has been LET'S GO WHERE THE COIN IS. That's all so far and I'm half way through the game.
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User Info: thedeadman568

3 years ago#6
Well, you are a pirate.
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User Info: SuperShadowAce

3 years ago#7
I do. <----Good comic
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User Info: Raa1n

3 years ago#8
depends, imo it's a nice change of pace especialy after boarding the 10th ship in a row and having to watch the same cutscenes AGAIN... in that case i would rather run around an office for a few minutes.

User Info: FF13CoC

3 years ago#9
yes i like to play as desmond

User Info: Doopdroo

3 years ago#10
Man, I love the out of Animus sequences. Whenever they come back up, I go "yay!" to myself. No longer do I have to worry about things like running around, climbing buildings and killing people. Now I can walk slowly around a nice office setting and watch/talk to uninteresting NPCs. I only wish the entire game was like this. Like maybe you walk slowly around, watching people in the Animus, and you occasionally get a quest to fetch them a soda or a doughnut. That'd be awesome.

Also, I'm glad they took the time to program in an out-of-animus PDA, and added a whole quest sequence to show how it works. That was extremely nice and useful.
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  3. Does anyone actually like leaving the Animus?

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