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User Info: joshua_nash

4 years ago#1
So this topic is to review the DLC already available for the game both pre-order content and Uplay content will be reviewed, Now let me just say this I have Black Island pre-order but not the other two so IF you have those please post your thoughts on them, now lets begin:

First off Lets start with the Uplay Content:

Blades of Toledo: far and away the best sword set in the game so far that I've played, their stats are better then any of the swords you can by at the beginning of Sequence 2

Edward the legend outfit: its clothing that looks pretty good haven't tried it out in game yet

MP & Jackdaw appearance items: Can't speak on the MP stuff cause I don't play AC MP, but the ship stuff is pretty nice but it reality its just Cosmetic and I don't really know if it gives you any other Benefits

Now supposedly you can also get access to "Classic" AC outfits from Uplay they are:

Altair : Have one AC game Sync'd with Uplay
Ezio: Have Two AC games Sync'd with Uplay
Connor: Have Three AC games Sync'd with Uplay

Now I don't really have these yet, Though I have sync'd All my AC games since AC2 with Uplay, So I should Have them listed but they don't Show up, But I re sync'd with Uplay last night so maybe they be there when I play tonight after I get home from my job

Pre-order Bonuses

Black Island: simple mission just find all the ULC chests and Raid a Warehouse the rewards are as follows:

Capt. Morgan outfit: Haven't tried it out yet but it looks real nice

Capt. Morgan pistol: these are Pretty Meh, though I did get these after i bought the Canon Barrel(?) pistols which are the best you can buy In Sequence 2&3

Black ship Appearance Upgrades: Haven't used these Either but they're Cosmetic so nothing really else to say

Mystery Island: Do not Have this

Sacrifice Island: Do not Have this

The Pirate's Bounty: this was an special pre-order bonus that was unlocked by Getting 40,000 shares in Gamestop's Unite under the Black Flag program it contained:

German Rapier Swords: stats wise these are pretty Meh compared to the Blades of Toledo

MP items: once again don't really know about how good this stuff is cause I don't Play AC MP

now that is all that I can remember at the moment(fighting off and pretty bad cold & I'm at my job)So I'm sorry if I left anything out
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