How does ye use heavy shot?

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  3. How does ye use heavy shot?

User Info: GladiatorDanger

4 years ago#1
Question in the title, also once ye have mortars how does ye identify ships and scope out their loot with the telescope?

User Info: DragonlordAidan

4 years ago#2
Oi Lanlubber, to use ye heavy shot, you have to be a true pirate!

How can ye be one? Just fire your cannons like you normally do, but don't aim (don't hold the left trigger).

And to scout for the precious booty, hold the right button and use the zoom on the King's ships to identify the treasures within.
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The Steel Phantom 4 years ago#3
1. Don't aim with Left Trigger, and just hit Right Trigger. Heavy-shot will shoot straight out from the side of your ship. You can't aim it. Just be really close to another ship when you use it. It does a ridiculous amount of damage. I love opening a fight by ramming an enemy, then double-tapping B to slow down and turn along side for Heavy Shot x2. It basically takes almost anything down to 1/2 health or less. Even those lvl 36 Man o' Wars.

2. You don't need mortars to use your telescope. Hold Right Bumper, and your telescope comes up. You can zoom it in/out to scout ships. It will tell you what they have right on the screen.
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User Info: BuddyP1

4 years ago#4
Thanks guys. After doing all missions and now redoing for the 100%, where I never used heavy shot before, and only after redoing a mission 4 times and missing the same heavy shot objective each time I realized it's not a glitch. Shooting without aiming probably sounded (and still sounds) as a bit stupid, but I can see now there are some nice advantages.

User Info: Kooler2006

4 years ago#5
heavy shot is very short range, so you should use it when up close to enemy ships/forts. Broadside them(WITHOUT holding Left Trigger) to fire the heavy shot.

Hold right bumper while controlling the Jackdaw to use the scope. While using the scope, use the left stick up or down to zoom the scope in or out.
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  3. How does ye use heavy shot?

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