Tips ob chassing the music notes!

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User Info: jellydaisy

4 years ago#1
Im useless at chasing/ catching them wanted to know if anyone had any tips?

User Info: Avantre

4 years ago#2
If worst comes to worst, you can stand exactly where the music note started and wait a minute or so after it flies off - it'll respawn on top of you and you'll automatically catch it.

User Info: ghosta2

4 years ago#3
The sheets only fly in 1 of 2 directions depending on the direction you approach them from. (It depends on which way you approach it, but a few fly only in one direction). The sheet will always fly in the same path every time. The sheet follows free running routs that are usually very leaner and usually you simply just need to hold RT+forward.

Free run routes are things like you simply hold RT and Forward and you do something like beam jump, beam jump, beam jump, pole swing, flower pot swing, beam jump, jump to branch, run up tree trunk, jump to branch, jump to beam, clothesline tight rope, pole swing.

Objects with white sheets on them are free run starters and are located next to most shanties.
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User Info: DBrentonbuck

4 years ago#4
Yeah you can cheat and it will respawn right back where it started... but if you want to do it the right way and you are having trouble... do it once and watch the route it takes... it will follow this same route most of the time if you approach it from the same direction. Once you see where it goes, practice free running that route as they follow a set free run path and once you figure out how to run it without stopping you will catch it pretty fast

User Info: lancekalvaz

4 years ago#5
There's at least 1 note of I can think of in Kingston where its actually easier to just drop down from the roof over it and let go. You fall right into it before it even starts moving.

Sometimes tou can choose which way to chaae the note and there is usually 1 route that is easier than the other, and sometimes I think only 1 of the routes is possible on some of them.

User Info: reppaken

4 years ago#6
This helped me quite a bit. Make sure to keep the camera directly in front of you. This will help you to avoid going in another direction. I know that's common sense, but it's a reminder if anything.
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User Info: CalistoCoon

4 years ago#7
Does anyone else absolutely hate these? I find the freerunning controls far too loose and the auto targeting will always cause you to careen in a random direction instead of what is directly in front of you to some weird angle to grab a ledge causing the note to escape.
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