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User Info: PRNDL

3 years ago#1
Do they replenish their loot after a while or are they a one time haul? Seems to be a waste if they are a one shot gig.

User Info: Kevageit

3 years ago#2
They replenish, it just take a long time.
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User Info: DrNick2008

3 years ago#3
Yes..... and No.

I've had like one respawn, I think. But the rest have stayed empty. Just scan through your map periodically would be my advice. On the overhead map, they always say if they're empty (grey) or full (white).
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User Info: Jin_Oni

3 years ago#4
After you plundered them it takes a long time til they become available again, so you can just go ahead and plunder all of them when they become available again. Also, I believe one mission requires you to plunder a warehouse so I guess it could be possible to replay that mission and get more loot, but I am not sure.

Since I am replaying the game again, I will try out the theory and if no-one posts about this by the time I finish, then I will let you know my results.
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User Info: revanninja

3 years ago#5
They replenish.

I know this for a FACT I have raided a few warehouses.

Each seems to have a set timer on how long it takes though and some seem glitched.

The Salt Key I have NEVER seen respawn but it also has the Assassin contract glitch and I think the two are related.

The rates seem to vary the ones in Kingston seem to respawn the fastest from what I have seen.
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User Info: Jin_Oni

3 years ago#6
Well, from what I can tell since I just finished Sequence 3 Mission 5 Sugarcane and its Yields, you could do that over and over if you wanted to, but it could be tedious.
Gamertag: Volcannon

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