How long did it take for you to defeat the Legendary ships?

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  3. How long did it take for you to defeat the Legendary ships?

User Info: TheGreenBeast

4 years ago#11
For everyone that is having trouble with the 2 ship legendary battle. Take one down to about 10% & then go after the other ship. That way the 2nd ship still attacks you like normal & does not go into Beserk mode. Ship won't go into Beserk mode until one is sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
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User Info: Rome218

4 years ago#12
Does anyone else use the ram and heavy shot combo? I'm serious, ramming does some major damage on ships. I do not hear many people talking about ramming and then using heavy shot.

Mortars, even upgraded, cannot compare to ramming + heavy shot.

It comes to the point where regular ships like Frigates and Brigs are knocked out as soon as you do the two hit combo. I think on some of those ships, I just to ram them. It made grinding for metal/wood a lot easier knowing any ship can easily be destroyed with ram and some heavy shots. Even a lvl 60 man o war, it might take a bit longer, but IMO it's the fastest way to go about it.

I think it goes without saying to have your ship's armor maxed too. This is the best method I've found. Once you get the legendary ship things, like I said, you get a better speed boost for ram. It lasts a while, so later missions were so easy in anything that required naval warfare. It was almost unfair.

User Info: cbast1

4 years ago#13
I didn't have much trouble with *most* of the ships. They all have a weak point, you just have to find it.

The twins in the NE took two tries simply because I wasn't expecting the other one to go berserk after I took his buddy down. After seeing that I realized the obvious tactic was to wear them both down evenly so when one of them does go berserk he goes down in 1-2 hits.

The ghost ship in the SE I had no trouble with at all. I found him only slightly harder than a Man o' War.

The armored ship in the SW was a little trickier because it required some clever maneuvering, but still not that hard.

Impoluto (the only one whose name I know) took me tons of tries because of his speed and that stupid ram...until I figured out that fire barrels take huge chunks out of his speed. Lure him into chasing you (he loves to do that) and spam fire barrels. Every hit will slow him down a little more, giving you more time to spam more fire barrels. Eventually he'll get the message and peel off to the left or the right, then hit him with as many heavy shots as you can as he passes you. And then if you're *really* lucky he'll be stupid enough to wander in front of your chain shot, and you can catch him in an infinity hole where you knock his speed down with chain shot, ram him from behind, chain shot him again, ram him again, and so on.

User Info: BashyMcFetus

4 years ago#14
Twice for le Dama Negra. Once for the rest.
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User Info: _Listener_

4 years ago#15
I accidently ran into El Impoluto and tried to flee immediately. I only had some advanced features and nothing elite. Needless to say I think I lasted 2 minutes or so.
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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#16
The SE ship technically took me two tries, but that's because they first time I took it one was when I had less than half the upgrades in any given area of the ship. I just wanted to get a look at it. After getting full upgrades, I took it out easily.

The mortar ship in the SW took two tries as I searched for its weak point. Once I found that (the stern), and figured out the pattern of the mortars, it was easy. Just had to get behind it as much as possible, while watching for where the mortar shots were going.

The twins took me three tries. The first time I attempted to focus on one at a time. Learned the hard way that that's a bad idea. Second attempt was the test for trying to whittle both down at the same time. Once the strategy was put together, the third attempt, while not easy, was manageable. The main problem is when they both sail away, then turn around to bracket you. I just chose one, and turned with it as it came at me. It would turn away from the other ship, which would turn their bracketing attempt into a one on one. I was planning to kill the white sailed ship first, but got both so low that I killed the black sailed ship by accident. Then I just put my stern to the other one and started dumping fire barrels. It sailed right into them, and died easily.

For the ram ship, it took two tries. Again, the first was spent learning it's pattern and capabilities. The second had a fair bit of luck. We both ended up circling each other as it tried to ram me. Neither one of us could turn tight enough to actually get the ram on target, and kept barely missing. At one point, it came so close to hitting me (and I thought for sure I was toast up until it missed) that if I could have been at the aft rails, I probably could have jumped on it.

Haven't checked to see if there's a way to replay them, but I hope there is, without having to play through the whole game again. They were fun.
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User Info: Nicodaemos

4 years ago#17
dama negra took me 3 tries. Mostly because when I had settled into the pattern of shooting chain-shots up its ass it would suddenly do a full-on perpendicular turn and I'd eat a full broadside. I wonder what kind of technology they acquired in order to allow a Man O' War to do that.
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