Persian Scimitars

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User Info: Axman_13

3 years ago#1
Hey, so I was really hoping to pick up the Persian Scimitars... but I found out that you need to complete a community challenge.

turns out the community challenge going on right now (warehouses) is offering some nice pistols. Cool... but I'm wondering when they're going to offer the scimitars.

User Info: Kooler2006

3 years ago#2
Nobody knows until the specific challenge for it is revealed
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User Info: RhetoricalDream

3 years ago#3
How do you check what the reward is for any given community challenge?

User Info: Axman_13

3 years ago#4
RhetoricalDream posted...
How do you check what the reward is for any given community challenge?

I don't know actually. I just read it in some other thread.

User Info: breakthecutie

3 years ago#5
During an event go to:
Pause Menu
Animus Database
Community Challenge

They list the reward in that

User Info: divot1338

3 years ago#6
Just hit start. It's in the information tab on the right in blue.

The community event info w/ progress should stay at the top until it ends.
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