Templar Hunt Kingston

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User Info: Fjoeri

4 years ago#1
I saw that some people are having trouble finding all of the templar hunt locations. Same goes for me. I found and completed all of them, except the one in Kingston. It just doesn't show up on the map. I tried synchronising from the viewpoints again, but with no luck. Is there anyone who can tell where I can find this Anto character in Kingston?

Kingston is being a real pain for me. There are other locations not showing up, like the tavern and such. Don't know why really.
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User Info: Ksetrat

4 years ago#2
I just got to kingston last night, so i can't say exactly where it is, but one question i have is what sequence are you in? there is a chance that you can't get the templar hunt next step until you progress in the story line?
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