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User Info: spartanmastercf

3 years ago#1
if any one having trouble with this go to crooked isand play it there its beginners and go to this site let the cpu go fisrt is asassins

then you go first on pc

i had tried but never could get to load

User Info: dimebagdrl

3 years ago#2
Sorry, but the AI on that site is horrible for this. It either loses or draws to the AC4 AI each time. 10 tries so far.
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User Info: Korgan26

3 years ago#3
Anyone else having the computer just move their pieces to any place on the board when you are winning? Strikes me as cheating.

User Info: obliviondoll

3 years ago#4
One of the rules is that when you have no moves open to you, you're allowed to move one piece anywhere else on the board.

if you're the one losing, you can do it too.
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User Info: Nodonn3

3 years ago#5
I was doing the 3 Mini-game challenge this morning. I was stunned when I eventually managed to get the AI down to 3 pieces and it started jumping them across the board to block my mills.

Mind you though, since I had 2 Mills set up, and he could only block one or the other, it was simply prolonging the inevitable.

Now I need to somehow earn 2000 Reales on the mini-games ... I see a lot of Beginner games of something coming up lol.
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User Info: SkunkHunter

3 years ago#6
There was a site that could beat the AI every time for the Innkeeper (a gloating expert in AC3). I'll try to see what that was I think it might have been the merrelles site, which required my gaming PC to run (would not work on my laptop).

As for the 'cheevo, I'd try Fanorona. That's what I used. The game is actually pretty interesting (okay, nerd alert - I've also been a chess geek since an early age, so maybe it's just me), and not difficult to beat on Intermediate. You can make several mistakes and still prevail. 500R per win (on intermediate) is far nicer than 100, and I'm betting you're all at stages where several thousand R are pretty much meaningless.

For Fanorona, try an "open" opening, by moving the piece that can move diagonally from your L to R. Go from there. Usually, you can move carefully, keep your R side (opponents' left) basically frozen while destroying your enemy's R side. Protect your corner and don't get greedy so that the opponent can chain a giant destructo-turn against you, and you can then crush him.

The Fanorona AI is particularly bad in open games in the mid-game, IMHO.

User Info: SkunkHunter

3 years ago#7
This one, from JKPSP (IIRC) from the AC3 board:

1) Download the Windows version.
2) Go to Options, Configure AI, and set Computer B's thinking processes to 'max. time 15' and 'max. depth to 50'
3) In Assassin's Creed III, do not go first and put your bet to £100.
4) Now for every move that the AI makes in Assassin's Creed III you will be making in the morris.exe.
5) Every move the AI in morris.exe makes you will be making in Assassin's Creed III.
6) ???????????

User Info: DaRk MaGe2004

DaRk MaGe2004
3 years ago#8
Stupid Morris!!! I'm just so bad at this game.
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