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User Info: dkconklin

3 years ago#1
I finally upgraded my ship fully and now i want to go after the legendary ships. I tried fighting the twin ships earlier and pretty much got my butt kicked. I also tried fighting the big spanish ship and he easily mortared me to death. Im wondering which is the best one to go after first. Any other advice on taking them down would also be appreciated.

User Info: OgreRecruiter

3 years ago#2
Alright heres some help and my insight. Though I want to be clear that I almost died on some of these and was able to pull 1 last shot off for the win.

Twins ships... NEVER take 1 down and leave the other at full health.. It may seem easy because your doing massive damage. But once you sink 1 the other turn into a fortress of HP and Rams you to death along with Heavy shots.

Weaken them both until very low Red health.. Then sink one and when the other comes charging at you attempt to get them to ram you from behind. Once it starts to chase you from behind start letting out Fire barrels. With this damage from there it should ram you and attempt to turn and shoot you to death. If you still got a decent amount of health unload your Heavy shots..

^ When I did this I couldn't get hit not once or I was screwed...

Ghost Ship (Bottom Right) By far the easiest 20k you will ever earn. It likes to shoot you to death but if your good at staying out of the cannon fire + Bracing for Impact. It should go down with a mix of Cannons and Swivel shots (Cant spell that D: ) Mortar for just a tad bit more damage.

Then the other 2 I just had so many problems with I came soooo close to dying when sinking them. One will straight out ram you to death no matter what you do. and another is trigger happy with a special kind of mortar... These shots are not shown and they usually if not always fire directly in your sail path... nasty.
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User Info: dkconklin

3 years ago#3
Thanks for the help. I just beat the ghost ship. It was way easier than the others i fought. But i really need to get better at bracing if i want to defeat the others.

User Info: MrcTOtheJ

3 years ago#4
Yeah the prince was easy as hell. I did manage to lose once because it lived upto the Ghost ship motief, and well took my by suprise after going ways out into the fog.

The twins (Fearless and Royal Sovrigen IIRC) can be an issue, I haven't beat them yet, I get close each time, but if I accidently kill one the other seems to fly into an OP Rage. It's just bad luck on my part, taking them down actually seems easy enough it's just I manage t screw up and get ramed or shot by the Rage moded one left over, or accidently go to town on one, and neglect the other.

La Dama Negra is a b**** and a half, I have yet to kill this one as well, it's invunrable on the sides. Thing looks cool as all hell, but it's just too damn hard to get enough shots off quick enough to take it from the front or back.

The other one, well I don't rember the name, but it's a Galleon with a big ass ram, and it seems to be able to go Mach speed. At full elite armor it's ram can take like half of it out. It's pretty damn infuriateing to be honest.
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User Info: LtBlades

3 years ago#5
If you're still working on this, here're some tips (I read you beat the ghost ship so I'll leave that out)

Raming ship: ram her as well. If you're 100% upgraded this will be a piece of cake. She's fast and agile, so drop your anchor, turn toward her head-on, and let all your sails fly to gain speed. I didn't fire a single cannon in this fight.

Twin ships: stay out of the middle of them. They circle around you to trap you inside and deal massive damage from both sides. Combining your mortar with broad side cannons is a good way to sink them, as you can mortar while they leave and approach, and also between broadside reloads. This battle was a nail-biter.

The armored ship: with all that armor, ignore her sides and front and focus on mortaring directly ontop of her, and fire your chase cannons at all that glass behind her. It'll open up weak points for your swivels. She can't turn tight enough so just stay right behind her.

If you still need help, I have videos of all but the raming ship on the PSN. My name is LtBlades.

User Info: dkconklin

3 years ago#6
Thanks for the reply bu i actually managed to beat all of them a few days ago. I actually had little problem with any of them once i found the right strategy. They're tough but not that tough.

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