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Royal Convoy's - Feel free to post Locations, glitch question~

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User Info: Zetta_SIow

4 years ago#1
Can't quite figure this one out. Had a Royal Convoy blue icon stuck on my map for days now; no timer, and no indication of going away. I've searched around the immediate area, re-loaded missions, sailed to and from, and nothing.

Not only does this icon remain stuck, but no ships to show for it. I can't even seem to find a new Royal Convoy anywhere else on the map. Does anyone have any solution for this glitch, or know the location of a current Royal Convoy ?
So Zetta Slow.

User Info: sion4ever

4 years ago#2
I had the very same glitch with my first royal convoy. But at that point I didn't even know it was a glitch or what the symbol really stood for. Since there was nothing for me to sink there I left it as it is and ignored it. Since then I encountered two royal convoys without the glitch.
I can only guess what might have reset the glitch if it didn't disappear on its own. I was conquering the forts around that time. And forts is the only thing that comes to mind that actually alters things on your map.

User Info: KazuoMitarashi

4 years ago#3
I had the Royal Convoy glitch with the stuck icon as well. It didn't fix itself until someone else on my friends list found one and shared it to me.
PSN: KazuoMitarashi

User Info: pk1154

4 years ago#4
I've got four phantom Royal Convoys floating around now.

One of them is from a convoy spotted too close to one of the Legendary Ships which I couldn't attack before triggering the Legendary Ship battle (which the Jackday was not upgraded enough to succeed against at the time) and so it expired without being plundered.

I'm pretty the others were spotted by me during story missions which may be why they are glitched.

I've also gotten notifications recently that say that a Royal Convoy was shared by (no name appears) etc. but nothing new shows on my map.
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User Info: badplayer07

4 years ago#5
If there is a ticker under it, then it's legit
Else it's not.
Speak sense, Templar, or not at all!

User Info: Zetta_SIow

4 years ago#6
Well if anyone wants to add me who's trying to find these,

psn = Zettaslow
So Zetta Slow.
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  3. Royal Convoy's - Feel free to post Locations, glitch question~

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