7 kill streak Technique

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User Info: AlxCj

3 years ago#1
So i got the achievement yesterday in a stupidly easy way.

I was doing this warehouse in Nassau... so i kill the guy with the key and start getting chased by some dudes, i run across the Restricted area and then climb the tower, so all the guards start climbing the ladder as well. so when 2 climb up i kill them / kick them down and I keep doing that while more guards climb up the ladder.

And then i just got the achievement. ..
I wasn't even trying and i got it. so I thought i should share it because i see some people having trouble doing it.
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User Info: gbmortie

3 years ago#2
That's awesome! I got it while boarding a ship. Normally I have trouble with that kind of thing because my kill streaks get interrupted. What I am having trouble with is the kill 5 guards who are stunned by smoke bombs one.

User Info: hugaddict

3 years ago#3
The smoke bombs one is pretty easy too once you figure out that it doesn't have to be from only one smoke bomb.
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User Info: Nodonn3

3 years ago#4
That's a great sounding tip!

I got mine by training a bunch of guards in Havanna and dropping a couple of smoke bombs, but your way may even be easier.
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User Info: ElectricFoxLex

3 years ago#5
I only got it from the second Templar Hunt in Havana when I didn't shoot a barrels and Rhona couldn't kill any guards even if I ran around for a minute.
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