PS3 vs PS4 vs Xbox One

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User Info: Vaku

4 years ago#1
After seeing the new reveal for Xbox One, I'm a little hesitant about what I should do with AC4.

I currently have it pre-ordered for my PS3 because of the bonus content.

With almost no real specs or design out for the system, just a bunch of tech demos, I'm hesitant to put any real trust in the PS4 just yet.

The Xbox One reveal really grabbed me, but I've always leaned a bit more on my 360 than my PS3.

All things being true, its hard to determine just yet what system I should be getting it for. I don't mind getting one next gen system this year, but two is definitely out of my price range. I forsake the 360 last year for the PS3 with AC3 just because of the bonus content, but I've heard nothing about if that same content will be on the PS4 (likely) or just a PS3 exclusive (dumb). Like I said, though, unless SONY has a bigger push for the PS4, I'll probably pick up the One this year and wait for the PS4 until later. Anyone else feel this way?

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm looking for in answers, considering, really, neither system is out yet and the One only has an hour and eighteen minutes in its announcement life. But still....
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User Info: marcthemagicbum

4 years ago#2
If AC3 was any indication, if you have a gaming PC, get it on that.

AC3 on my PS3 vs my PC was night and day.
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User Info: Gamer99z

4 years ago#3
We don't know enough about the two consoles GPU's yet to determine if the PS is better or worse than the Xbox. Right now they seem fairly equal, but rumors are going that the PS4 will have a significantly better GPU... But those are rumors.
I agree though that PC > next gen consoles.
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User Info: ChrnoDstroyer12

4 years ago#4
As long as the PS4 has no fee for used games and no need to connect to the internet every 24 hours [or all the time if developers use certain Microsoft tools] they'll win. They'll just win. Honestly, as it stands now, I cannot see myself ever getting an Xbox One, no matter how much I love my 360.

What's sad is that the Xbox One, while not a gaming machine, is a great media center. Perfect for people who don't know anything about building their own.

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