Has anyone found ANY social chests / White Whales? tips for finding?

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  3. Has anyone found ANY social chests / White Whales? tips for finding?

User Info: loallollol

3 years ago#21
I cant find chests nor whales, I think its because non of my friends have The game so please do add me on PSN: WookieSandwich. Thanks in advance

User Info: peephole303

3 years ago#22
if you have over 99 friends there is issues wit it
Disclaimer: I am a dyslexic so i do apologize if i misspell or use the wrong word and that my grammar may not be 100%.

User Info: loallollol

3 years ago#23
Well, I dont have that...

User Info: yausviper22

3 years ago#24
I found like 10 white whales the first 2 days I played this then stopped for 2 weekds, now im almost at 100% and I cant get a single whale, chest, or convoy to pop? Wtf? I tried going to the exact spots other people found chests but there not there for me, and in my stats it says I shared 2 convoys and 3 whales, but 0 chests.....does someone know what the exact issues are or what I can do or am doing wrong that makes them not show up any more? If I would have known this trophy was gonna be like this I would have gotten a chest the first day and been done with this b/s....thanks.....psn is panerabeast22

User Info: thghost2013

3 years ago#25
This is hopeless. I've added a ton of people on PSN and Uplay and am still not getting any blue royal convoys or white whales. I go to taverns and discover plenty of royal convoys, but none of them are blue! Lets hope Ubisoft patch this soon because this is getting ridiculous!

User Info: Uber-monkey

3 years ago#26
Hello chaps, I am new here so be gentle :P I have put in about 100 hours, have every upgrade inc Mayan armour and have yet to find a single poxy white whale! It looks like Ubisoft want the social part of the game to expand so maybe I have too few network pals. Feel free to add me if you wish, PSN Uber-monkey, any help would save my hair :D (no kids please, I am an ancient gamer so it would be creepy!)

User Info: thghost2013

3 years ago#27
I emailed them and got this in reply:

"Steven @ Ubisoft Support wrote:

Hi THGhost2006,

This issue should have been resolved with the latest update patches.

Can you confirm you have friends on your PSN account that are playing the game on the same console?

Do you have less than 100 friends on your PSN account?"

I told them that the problem is still here, despite me having less than 100 friends who all have PS4s.
Seems the communication between departments at Ubisoft is rather lax. Some know about it and claim to be working on it, and others haven't got a clue.

User Info: cstephens76

3 years ago#28
I need serious help with this. Can y'all friend me on PSN and help with the social stuff in AC4? My tag is cstephens1221

User Info: Moukaryuu

3 years ago#29
What's the diff between white R convoys and blue ones?
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User Info: Linkmaster2k3

3 years ago#30
Blue ones are stronger and give more gold.
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  3. Has anyone found ANY social chests / White Whales? tips for finding?

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