What style of recon do you like more?

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User Info: Skill4Reel

2 years ago#11
My T-UGS is more useful to my team next to them around the objectives than it is by my side up on a hill, or on a rooftop somewhere while I'm sniping. The same can be said for the spawn beacon. I generally can't stand long range sniping, and I don't like the way DMR's handle in this game due to the magnetic aim assist. So 98% of the time if I'm playing recon. I'm up front with the other classes in my squad using sub-machine guns.

User Info: Surefirepegasus

2 years ago#12
Depends on the map and how the round is going. I'll switch between both.

For CQ maps I'll use a shotgun, tugs, and claymore/c4 with the possible radio beacon if its necessary depending on how good the other team is pushing us.

If I plan to play aggressive running with a squad I'll use the carbine/DMR with C4 and the PLD for laser targets and spotting enemies for my squad ahead.

If the match is lopsided in our favor or I feel like being a little lazy after a few intense close rounds I'll switch to playing the sniper role where I try to hold one objective sniping/moving from spot to spot or just picking off all the stationary prone snipers on obscure places around the map with my PLD.

All in all both roles can be fun. Recon class is severely underrated due to all the bads that just rooftop it or taxi vehicles to the middle of nowhere giving them a bad name. You can actually be very beneficial to your team if you're a smart accurate sniper who PTFO. I absolutely love running with a squad and finding some high ground to spot and pick off incoming enemies or hurt enemies as my squad is in a firefight with them. Its an awesome feeling when an enemy gets the drop on your squadmate and you headshot them just as they are at the start of a knifing animation. When you pick off running targets with calculated headshots consecutively its one of better feelings you can get in the game for me.

User Info: terrysmay04

2 years ago#13
I've actually developed a decent sniping game now. I never put much time into it before but recently I have been really enjoying it.

There are situations that call for both types of recon. But the only one that actually plays to the classes strength, and that is with a sniper rifle. The effects of a really good sniper are, the moving of entrenched enemies, and fear. Moving enemies is simple, but extremely important. Fear usually results in people changing classes in order to get you, and that usually weakens the team in its own way.

With a carbine your basically an assault with c4 and motion sensors.
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User Info: nordendorf

2 years ago#14
I am often recon, but hardly snipe. I play HC so tugs and motion are fairly pointless, but have to say that the spawn beacons get us so many more captures than we would have without it (due to limited HC spawning). So I basically run behind enemy lines spawn points, and anti vehicle C4. It's pretty fun and my squad usually does well.

User Info: JustPlainEvil

2 years ago#15
6x, straight pull laser sight on a GOL Magnum while throwing pokeballs and being up front.
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User Info: Samholy

2 years ago#16
agressive with carbines and beacon for quick and close respawn of my squad.
C4 to eliminate vehicles, and the beacon often let me C4 in air

the beacon is a huge factor for victory in rush hardcore
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User Info: OhGood

2 years ago#17
i'm of the mindset that snipers are pointless in this game, and that any player that can do well with a sniper rifle can probably do much better with any other gun.
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User Info: SubwooferKing

2 years ago#18
Pokeballs aka motion sensors are better than tugs in my opinion. But use both and you can be very useful.even using a radio beacon near objectives that are getting constantly taken can help your squad/team.
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User Info: Scarlet-Raven

2 years ago#19
I have Ultra Pokeballs equipped. None can beat that.

I believe the sniper rifles downgraded for aggressive play in BF4 than BF3. Sadly coming from me, when i was full on sniper in BF3, ur better off with a carbine. Not even DMR can save you, they r utter garbage too. Its either SRR61 or go home. Scout Elite has the better close range stats but the damage is pathetic and any other close ones has a slow straight pull. Carbine >
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User Info: specialkid8

2 years ago#20
^That's because they're aren't supposed to be used at that range. If you're sniping at a range where a carbine is a better choice you aren't doing it right.

I've never understood this "aggressive recon" style people talk about. What's the point of running around trying to quick scope people at 30 meters? People only seem to bring it up just to state that they don't camp and snipe from aircraft carriers as if there's no in between.
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