What style of recon do you like more?

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User Info: SubwooferKing

3 years ago#21
specialkid8 posted...
^That's because they're aren't supposed to be used at that range. If you're sniping at a range where a carbine is a better choice you aren't doing it right.

I've never understood this "aggressive recon" style people talk about. What's the point of running around trying to quick scope people at 30 meters? People only seem to bring it up just to state that they don't camp and snipe from aircraft carriers as if there's no in between.

when they say aggressive recon I don't think they mean using sniper rifles. they mean using dmrs or carbines instead.
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User Info: specialkid8

3 years ago#22
That's something different. A lot of people do talk about going up close with sniper rifles

User Info: Surefirepegasus

3 years ago#23
You can play aggressive sniper rifle Recon but it takes a lot of skill. If you take the Gol Magnum and slap on a 4x acog you can do some damage, but the argument is why not use quicker DMR or Carbine if you're planning on being close range. The argument back is with the Gol its a for sure one shot headshot kill no matter what and 2 shots tops for the kill while the other guns will need more. I don't personally run this loadout, but I have crossed some players that ran it well and gave us problems.

If I'm running sniper rifle I would rather have a 6-14x zoom so I can dominate long range and feel comfortable mid-range. Once you get quick and comfortable with your sidearms plus C4 you can still be a threat close range too. One of the best tactics I've found is getting the for sure one shot sniper shot on an incoming target who can't quite hit you yet and finishing them off with a couple quick pistol shots. One sniper shot brings someone down to under 20% or less so they are no problem to finish off with a pistol. I've found the P226 has underestimated range so once I've got that sniper hit on someone I can quickly finish them off at still a long range with the P226. The best part about it is that it realllly ticks people off when you start getting them repeatedly with the same strategy.

So many players see a sniper using a sniper rifle and immediately think 'sweet, easy kill' ... they get hit once and start hopping around running at you thinking you're going to try to hit them again with the sniper rifle .... when they get pelted by a series of easier to connect pistol shots they always seem surprised.

User Info: Scarlet-Raven

3 years ago#24
If ur really good, all u need is a holo or a cobra with SR. Ur aim should be good enough to hit some 150m headshot with just a small optic and up close. Even so, more that 50% of bf community aim sucks, u have the time to switch to ur secondary if the first shot from a SR doesnt kill the person.

Just because you dont have the skill and reaction time to kill with SR at close range. Doesnt mean u need to bash it.
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User Info: Surefirepegasus

3 years ago#25
What I always think is funny is that when I kill someone running with a SRR-61 headshot I'll get a hate message calling me a scrub player. Dude, I just hit you while you were running full speed in the head and got you in one shot.

Then I'll look at the guy who called me out as a scrub and his top weapon with over 4000 kills is the ACE 52 and all he has is carbine ribbons. I can pick up his ACE 52 and do what he does without a problem. Its auto-spray and easy-mode. Now if he picked up the SRR-61 and tried to get a headshot on a running target? 99% he's going to miss if he doesn't snipe much. Case closed.

User Info: terrysmay04

3 years ago#26
Aggressive recon doesn't exactly entail close range sniping to me. It just means that when the time is right you aren't afraid to move up and cap a flag. I usually hang around areas where I can take advantage of my rifle, but when I feel the need I will run up on fools with a pistol or mid range SR shot to take a flag.
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User Info: Double991

3 years ago#27
The 6X sight is the lowest you can go and still be able to attach the 14X variable.

This setup allows you to snipe people from close-mid range and long range as well.
For the close range engagements, you rely on your sidearm skills.
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User Info: JustPlainEvil

3 years ago#28
Double991 posted...
The 6X sight is the lowest you can go and still be able to attach the 14X variable.

This setup allows you to snipe people from close-mid range and long range as well.
For the close range engagements, you rely on your sidearm skills.

its ideal. not too far, not too close.
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User Info: DrunkenPeasant

3 years ago#29
I'm pretty aggressive, I try to contribute as much as I can so I usually sneak into enemy bases with a suppressed carbine or a DMR slapping C4 onto enemy vehicles, the words infiltrator or saboteur come to mind when I think of how I use the Recon class. Plus it always fun sneaking up on snipers and knifing them from behind. I'm aggressive but pretty sneaky too, sniping Isn't something I do a lot though it has it's uses when defending objectives and you have a good team to hold them back to put some distance between you and your targets. If it's clear that Sniping isn't going to work well because the enemy is good at counter sniping or if the game is going badly for my team, then I just switch to a carbine/DMR if I'm not already fielding them
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