Best guns?

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User Info: metallicaband

3 years ago#1
Can you guys pls tell me which weapons are considered as the best for each category? (mainly interested in assault and submachine though). New to the game and would like to know what I should aim to unlock.

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User Info: SubwooferKing

3 years ago#2
I am on mobile. There will be no spacing. Most of the ars are good. But "best" I'd say are the bulldog/scar, aek, ace 23, m416, and f2000. Famas is good but has bad range due to fire rate, slow reload, and runs out of ammo way too quick against more than 1 target. The others have good stability but lower damage and lower fire rate (Aug, sar, ak12, ar160, l85). Qbz is pretty bad. Im probably forgetting one. Pdws are great up close but dont expect ANY good long range and even good medium range capability. Cz is my favorite. Rate of fire shreds. The as val and sr2 are incredibly effective as well. The mpx is great too. Mp7, p90, and ump45/ump9 are viable. The xm4 and cbj are pretty bad. Js2 may be my least fav gun in the game, its horrid. I suggest using lmgs. Much better capacity per "mag" and are just as accurate when burst firing. The top lmgs are imo aws, mg4, m249, m60 (my new fav), and m240b. The pkp does more damage but I dont like it as much. The other lmgs (lsat, type 88, qbb, rpk12) have great accuracy/stability but lower rates of fire. They're all great. The rpk74 is the worst by far, but you can still have good runs with it.
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User Info: slaveanselmo

3 years ago#3
All of the ARs are pretty much balanced. You need to find the right one for your style of play.

PDWs are all basically useless outside of Close Quarters, but inside of it they are only out done by "netcode" and shotguns.
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User Info: KubeStick

3 years ago#4
my favs in each category. i do pretty well with them.

ar: m416 - holo, no accessory/x2 magnifier, angle foregrip, suppressor
pdw: mp7 - red dot, laser, suppressor
lmg: m60 - holo, no accessory, angle foregrip, suppressor
dmr: sks - acog, canted irons, angle foregrip, heavy barrel

i'm leaving out snipers and shotguns since i only used them to unlock every weapon in their respective categories. otherwise i don't touch them.
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User Info: SubwooferKing

3 years ago#5
I use coyote, tribeam/green laser, flash hider, and potato on almost all guns. In conquest ill use a supressor If i feel the need but it really kills ur rof. I'll also switch optics but the coyote is the easiest by far. I'll use 3 or 4x on the m16 and dmrs by default though.oh, I forgot the m16. Great gun but I hate burst fire when everyone else is using auto. Still has a high rof and is accurate. I pretty much only run 3 & 4x scopes on it. Its great with a coyote/kobra though.
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User Info: metallicaband

3 years ago#6
Thanks all for the detailed replies, that helped a lot =)
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User Info: yoshinator112

3 years ago#7
The holy trinity of Assualt Rifles, and probably just the best guns in the game overall, I'd say would be AEK-971, ACE-23, and my personal favorite gun in the game, the M16A4. Most people would replace the M16A4 on this list with the M416. The M16A4 is probably the hardest gun to be good with, even though it has virtually no recoil and is the most accurate AR, most people just can't burst it well. If you can burst it right, it's great at close range and is pretty much undoubtedly the best long range AR with 680mps velocity. If you aren't skilled with burst weapons though, I'd say either practice or just go with the M416 instead.

For LMGs, I'd say the best overall LMG is AWS, but I prefer the MG4 for its higher ammo per mag. Best ones for long range fighting are probably the Type-88 and the M60-E4. The M240B is a monster, too. 650rpm and it hits like truck. I've heard a number of people praise the M249 SAW, but I don't have it unlocked, so I won't comment.

For Carbines...well, most of the carbines are pretty great (aside from the A-91, BLEHHH...DICE pls buff) but the AK-5C, ACW-R, MTAR-21, and M4. But much like the M16A4, the M4 is a burst weapon and is only good if you're good at bursting. Otherwise, just don't bother with it.

I'm pretty sure the PDWs are pretty well set in stone unlike the other weapon classes.
SR-2, CZ-3A1, MPX, PDW-R (dat Carbine damage model tho).

All of the Sniper Rifles are great and quite usable given you know how to use them, but my personal favorites are, SRR-61 Intervention (least bullet drop), M98B (highest bullet velocity), and the M40A5 (medium range monster).
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User Info: it_r_over9000

3 years ago#8
SubwooferKing posted...
ill use a supressor If i feel the need but it really kills ur rof.

WTF is this? Suppressors don't lower your rate of fire.
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User Info: ARMR_SagittAxOT

3 years ago#9
Maybe Time to Kill was what he meant... I dunno
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User Info: NuclearHendrix

3 years ago#10
I like the M416 and SAR-21. For PDW's, the PP-2000 and UMP-45(w/suppressor).

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