Best guns?

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User Info: Welcommatt

3 years ago#11
AK5C lets you have (basically) a laser AR on any class.
AWS can be unlocked by a challenge rather than progression, and is one of if not the easiest LMG.
AK-12 will hold you over for as long as you need, and still makes a good weapon when you reach high levels
M416 though will basically let you stay on target without moving a single stick. So easy to use.
G36C is kinda underappreciated IMO, but it's a beast and easy to use. If you like the gun IRL like me, it could easily become your favorite.
MPX is a pretty beastly little PDW, but you're not gunna get much from PDWs in general. You're better off with the carbines on your engineer honestly, and they unlock relatively easily.
Those are some of the low recoil, keep your s**t on point guns you'll like if you're coming from CoD.

When I started though, I hadn't played a multiplayer FPS in a while. And my favorite from the start was the Scar-H. If you want lower ROF and high damage models try that, the Bulldog AR, the UMP-45 PDW, the PKP Pecheneg LMG, or the ACE 52 carbine.
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User Info: Jcsbeatpage

3 years ago#12
Hmm, depends on your style of play. I would say the best carbine is the ACW, if you can get past the recoil. If you have SA, I recommend the F2000 or M16A4 if you don't. As for sights the Kobra sight is in it's own league, There's not need to use any other sight if you're not playing Recon.
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User Info: SubwooferKing

3 years ago#13
ARMR_SagittAxOT posted...
Maybe Time to Kill was what he meant... I dunno

yea time to kill. I thought rof is what it affected but it's your velocity huh. Or some crap. I barely pay attention to stats. Damage and rof is what I look for, and that's pretty much it
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User Info: AvantgardeAClue

3 years ago#14
Best part of Battlefield is you can pretty much use your favorites and still do good.

Hell, I was rocking the AK-12 recently and I'm level 129.
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User Info: arena11

3 years ago#15
AR- AEK/M416/Scar/Ace 23
Carbine- Ace 52/AK5C/ACR/ACE 21
Shotgun- Striker/870
Sniper- Intervention
DMR- Scar/ACE 53
Secondary- Desert Eagle/Shorty 12G
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User Info: MrArmageddon8

3 years ago#16
AR- M416/Scar/Ace 23/Bulldog
Carbine- Ace 52/ACR/ACE 21/ TAR-21
Shotgun- Spas-12/Saiga-12/ That one that looks like the AK-12
Sniper- Intervention/M98
DMR- Scar/ACE 53
LMG- M240B/MG4/M249/PKP
Secondary- Desert Eagle

User Info: SubwooferKing

3 years ago#17
thompsontalker7 posted...
Best part of Battlefield is you can pretty much use your favorites and still do good.

Hell, I was rocking the AK-12 recently and I'm level 129.

ak12 is great. Slower rof than other ars, but this makes it more accurate and stable. Greater long range rifle because of low recoil.
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