DLC....remake maps ?

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User Info: kidasman

3 years ago#1
Havent tried any of the DLC map packs for this game yet but was wondering if any of the maps from BF3 has been remade for BF4?
I`m sure many want new maps instead but for me it would be cool to see some of my favorite maps upgraded for BF4 :)

User Info: arena11

3 years ago#2
Go play Second Assault.
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User Info: HoboOfAwe

3 years ago#3
Second Assault is actually the only DLC pack so far that I really don't like.

CR is decent, both NS and DT are good. SA is bad.
Caspian Border is basically a cluster**** due to the wall and the new tower at D, Metro is the same as ever, Oman is the best map in the DLC and I still don't like it, and Firestorm looks all gray and boring now. And it has a Gunship, so have fun getting killed by that.
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User Info: kidasman

3 years ago#4
HoboOfAwe posted...

HoboOfAwe posted...
Second Assault is actually the only DLC pack so far that I really don't like.

I liked it....much more than China Rising.

User Info: killy666

3 years ago#5
Second Assault is my least favorite pack just because Metro is still Metro. The other maps are fine (I find Firestorm to be a bit dull, but Oman is one of my fave maps in BF4 and i think they did something cool with Caspian).
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User Info: thompsontalker7

3 years ago#6
Second Assault would've been fantastic if it wasn't for f****** Firestorm.

Metro can be as painful as you want it, play it on Rush.
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