Recommended to open Battlepacks now or later?

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User Info: Marshall_Law

3 years ago#11
I've been using the 50% since I'm so low lvl just to speed up the early lvls. I figure il use 200% once I'm used to the game and can get 200% of a good match as opposed to 200% of a 3-10
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User Info: Sheepinator

3 years ago#12
Save those 200% for double XP events, maybe even the 100% too. They stack. With 200% XP in an event it's like getting 6x XP. Handy for general leveling, or for getting weak parts of your game ranked up (helis, jets, vehicles, sniper, etc.). Use the rest of the bonuses though, because you'll be swimming in them.
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User Info: sithgod513

3 years ago#13
777GUY777 posted...
Open them all now
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