New player - a few quickfire questions

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User Info: Rapscallion84

3 years ago#1
Hey guys, long-time Battlefield player here but I only just got BF4 + Premium and I've noticed that it seems to have deviated quite a bit to my favourite entry (BF2). I suppose I'm also getting older, which doesn't help, but I would appreciate some tips and answers to these questions:

1) The AK-12 seems to be shooting rubber bullets for me. I've used ADS at close range on an unsuspecting target, and needed to empty the entire magazine to kill him. Usually it seems to take 8 to 12 shots to the chest to kill a player - what gives?

2) Not sure if I'm going crazy, but it seems head shots are easier to land when I aim more for the neck area than the dome. From an elevated position, it sometimes takes 2 to 3 shots to the helmet to put someone down - is this expected or just some latency problem?

3) Fire modes - I have more success controlling my weapon when I set to auto and manually burst shots. The single/burst modes appear to have greater climb than doing it manually - expected?

4) Hip fire - it seems like there are a lot of attachments that improve hip fire accuracy, is it ever worth hip firing? I seem to only use ADS or I'm close enough to melee

5) Can I trust the hit marker? If I hose a target with bullets, receiving an X each time, is it guaranteed that the target is taking damage? I can't believe sometimes that players escape after sustained gunfire

6) Spawning - what's going on with that? BF4 seems to spawn you really close to the action. There doesn't appear to be a frontline or clearly controlled territories like BF2. In that game, at any given point you knew where most of the action was, so you could head to the main firefight or try to go around. This game, no matter where I spawn I have enemies on all sides

EDIT: For the point on spawning, I think the problem could be the small map size relative to the number of players. BF2 maps 'felt' larger, that fights would occur in a few localised areas and could be bypassed if you were stealthy enough

7) What's the best way to get unlocks? Which mode/map pack? I'm mostly using Team Deathmatch on Dragon's Teeth

User Info: NuclearHendrix

3 years ago#2
I think you'd like hardcore mode. Everyone has less health, so weapons kill quickly, and you can be more stealthy cause there's no 3d spotting or mini-map to give away your position.

User Info: StewleGriffinGF

3 years ago#3
1) DICE likes bullet deviation. It's an old mechanic from a long gone era that is no longer needed.



4) Yes, if you learn to handle hip fire in CQ situations, or if like longer range engagements, then no.

5) For the most part. It depends where you hit them on how much damage they take.

6)You're playing TDM, aren't you? CQ and Rush seems to spawn you far away from the point you want to go, except last night when I kept spawning in front of firing enemies.

7)Answered my question. For kits or guns? Kits, double XP weekends with your boosts earned from battlepacks. Guns, grind, grind, grind (and battlepacks).
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