Anti-Vehicle Guide/FAQ/Load out suggestions?

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New to the game and new to console FPS. I'm a PC (master race ahurrhurr) player but I've been playing BF4 on console.

Currently I'm running the AK5C on an engineer using a suppressor, 1X sight, a magnifier for some distance shots, and the angled grip. As for gadgets I'm using the RPG7 and the repair torch. The RPG7 is good, from what I've seen, for taking out some infantry threats from behind cover, etc and it's working fairly well. I've got the hang of it's drop from distance pretty well. I try to flank other infantry using the stealth aspect and I was actually able to go 31-12 and 23-9 over the weekend. That's fairly good for me since playing on a console makes me feel like I'm terrible at shooters, missing easy shots and taking long time to get some precise shots due to the control when I'm used to playing on PC since 2000.

For antivehicle the RPG seems to be a solid choice and I've found it takes about 4 to 5 shots to take out a Tank. I've solo'd a few tanks before utilizing cover and quick fire shots. Pretty satisfying to take out a Tank solo - but then again it was probably a bad player for not bailing on a single RPG user but those multikills are very satisfying. I've taken out a couple of choppers in my 50 hours of game play with the RPG and use teabagging was in order.

No Fly Zone was a pretty inspirational movie to watch

I've played Tribes 2 and Team Fortress 2 on PC so I know about leading my rocket/projectile shots but hitting a moving chopper at some range isn't something I've got the hang of yet.

Any advice for a novice console FPS player? I like playing the Stealth aspect since I'm not that great on head to head combat yet (see PC player playing a console) but I also want to be a credit as anti vehicle which is why I've been sticking to the engineer class so I can RPG threats and
repair some friendly vehicles. Currently my control sens is at 40% and depending on distance I can target threats decently.

I have a SteelSeries Siberia V2 headset (repping that PC headset!) that I used for other shooters and I was able to hear foot steps very well. In BF4 I'm only able to really hear sprinting targets. It's difficult to hear regular running/not sprinting enemies. Is this normal or do I have my audio set up incorrectly? In other games (Counter Strike) the only way to not make noise was to either crouch and move or use the WALK button to walk, any other movement makes noise.

Can Assault players take out vehicles with their mortars? I ask because I want to use an AR with a suppressor for better range and damage, or should I just stick with my current Engineer load out?
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User Info: bfist1st

3 years ago#2
War Tapes setting in the option menu for better (directional) audio.
Increase sensitivity to 100%. Needs a bit to get used to but is totally worth it.
Switch to SRAW to be able to respond to ANY threat. Needs a bit to get used to but is totally worth it. and BF4s Test Range are your best friends.

Everything just my opinion from playing every BF on consoles (and some on PC) since 1942.
Others may disagree..
Good luck.
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TheBanned GeminiFyre 3 years ago#3
I don't see an SRAW on Symthic? I was waiting for the Type-95B since it looked like it had better stock stats than the AK5C as far as recoil control goes. The range seems to be a bit better on the AK5C but I'm sticking mostly to close/medium flanking range

Will try War Tapes
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TheBanned GeminiFyre 3 years ago#4
I see the SRAW is a rocket launcher. Do you have to maintain a lock on a target or will it fly straight if you "fire and forget"? I wouldn't use it if I couldn't bob and weave against up close Tanks
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User Info: Surefirepegasus

3 years ago#5
The SRAW is one of the cheapest weapons in the game, but very effective.
TheBanned GeminiFyre 3 years ago#6
Well I tried the SRAW and I didn't like it. I couldn't really bob and weave with it like I could with the RPG against tanks, I would focus a shot onto the vehicle and un-ADS and it seemed like the rocket would get near the vehicle and fly off. I tried targeting helicopters too and the rockets just seemed to fly all willy nilly around the helicopter even though I was maintaining a "lock" on it. The choppers were also moving around so that might have been it.

Am I just using the SRAW wrong?
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User Info: Th3Hamburg1ar

3 years ago#7
Based on what you've been saying, I'd switch the repair torch out for SLAMS unless you are planning on actively copilotting a vehicle. I usually ran a silenced weapon, SLAMS, RPG, and Antitank specialization. Silenced weapon keeps you off the radar. You'd be surprised how often you can sneak up on a tank/mobile AA/etc. Toss 2 or 3 Slams on it, back up and shoot it with an RPG. Very satisfying to take out a tank in one shot. Also, hitting a moving chopper at any distance takes a whole lot of luck. Even if you're really good at estimating distance, drop, and leading, any change in the choppers flight path will make you miss. And with the controls for the helicopter, it's next to impossible to maintain a perfectly straight flight path. You're usually feathering the throttle, which changes your altitude almost constantly.
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TheBanned GeminiFyre 3 years ago#8
I just unlocked the Type 95 and I'm slowly grinding for that suppressor. I try to be a friendly engi and repair vehicles whenever I can. If I spawn in a boat and it's hurt I repair it.

I wonder if in the long run if it'll be better to run slams instead of the torch but then again I guess it might also depend on the map as well?

What's the real difference between the RPG and the SMAW? I know the SMAW flies straight but it says it does less damage. Depending on where you hit a tank the RPG will either take it down in four or five shots. What about the SMAW and does the SMAW OHKO infantry?
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User Info: terrysmay04

3 years ago#9
SMAW and RPG are both pretty similar against infantry, SMAW of course is easier to hit, but it seems the splash damage is the same or similar.

You don't have to guide the SRAW the whole time, you can fire it and let go of aim button and it will fly straight from then on.

I personally hate the Type 95, but that is just a personal opinion. Its the side to side recoil that just bugs me.

As for slams or torch its a situation thing for me. I almost always have a torch, but I do like to drop slams at the start of a match, or if I see a lot of vehicles advancing from the enemy side. The torch works well at destroying vehicles as well as repairing your own, so keep that in mind.
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TheBanned GeminiFyre 3 years ago#10
When I tried using the SRAW, I fired it like I would an RPG, I ADS'd and shot and immediately went to a reload. When I watched the rocket fly it was flying straight to the tank but then it just shot straight up and derped into the ground behind the tank. This happened a few times.

What would you suggest then for a suppressed weapon? I've used mostly the AK5C and all of the other Carbines are pretty similar stat wise. The Type 95 just seemed to have just a bit better stability
Sankon Tessuo!!
The only thing I smoke is Long A
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