Battlefield 4 or Destiny?

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User Info: darkljolly

3 years ago#1
I'm torn between the two. Both seem cool in their own aspects. What so you think? No one say both please.
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User Info: iLoveCzee

3 years ago#2
Hmmm ones out almost finished and ones not out for a couple months.

Tough choice.
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User Info: CrossBones3129

3 years ago#3
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User Info: Marshall_Law

3 years ago#4
I just bought bf4 this week, il probably get destiny eventually but I dunno, parts of it were cool but it just seemed like a lot if generic areas, I will wait till the full release to see what endgame is like
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User Info: terrysmay04

3 years ago#5
I prefer BF4 over Halo+Borderlands-thefunny
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User Info: 420Fatal

3 years ago#6
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User Info: technosausage

3 years ago#7
Destiny is a must buy I would say
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User Info: Th3Hamburg1ar

3 years ago#8
At this point, I'd say Destiny. I'm counting the days until Destiny releases, and I'm currently playing PS+ free games/old games I own because I'm bored of BF4
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User Info: dsm_dolouz

3 years ago#9
PSN - dsm_dolouz

User Info: lostoutlawnb

3 years ago#10
you can get battlefield 4 for 27 dollars on amazon right now
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