Battlefield 4 or Destiny?

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User Info: -Caliban-

3 years ago#11
iLoveCzee posted...
Hmmm ones out almost finished and ones not out for a couple months*.

Tough choice.

*Three weeks. - - -

User Info: cisquo10

3 years ago#12
lostoutlawnb posted...
you can get battlefield 4 for 27 dollars on amazon right now

How does this work in my PS4?
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User Info: Surefirepegasus

3 years ago#13
Both. If you're more cooperative/storyline MP orientated Destiny would fit the bill. Looks pretty cool and I'll be playing it off when I get the PS4

BF4 is purely a competitive military MP that has epic battles and almost zero story outside that crappy single player campaign. Awesome addiction.

I don't think you could go wrong either way

User Info: GISM

3 years ago#14
destiny. The only reason I am playing bf4 is because destiny isn't out yet.

User Info: Jcsbeatpage

3 years ago#15
I enjoyed destiny, it was fun especially with friends, but the PVP was not that good. It was a Beta after it depends, what are you getting it for?

If you want to play MP,compete & shoot people, get BF4, this is where it shines. If you enjoy a deeper storyline, exploring, finding loot, I'd say Destiny. On a final note, If you plan to get BF4 for the single player campaign, you're going to have a bad time.
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User Info: Scarlet-Raven

3 years ago#16
Destiny > Derpfield IV
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User Info: CheapGamer

3 years ago#17
PvE Destiny
PvP Battlefield 4

The PvP in Destiny is ****ing terrible.

6 player teams. CoD sized maps, if not smaller. No equipment. Little to no vehicles. Supers are OP as hell. Etc.

User Info: BurningWind

3 years ago#18
Going to go ahead and cast my vote for Destiny even though it's not out yet. That said, Battlefield offers large scale battles unlike anything Bungie is going to do with Destiny PVP wise. So if that's your thing, then I'd go with Battlefield.
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User Info: bfist1st

3 years ago#19
I'd wait for Destiny and get BF4+Premium cheap soon after release.
Don't pay the full price for Premium.
I play: MarioKart - Warframe - Titanfall - Battlefield - Trials - Worms - Garden Warfare --- Destiny/Planetside2/FarCry4

User Info: Double991

3 years ago#20
Once BF4 has released all of it's dlc, it may die down and then Destiny will probably take over for me. Although i've been having a good time on Warframe for a while.
PSN : Double991
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