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User Info: xxzenn01xx

3 years ago#1
so if you go to your shelf in your room across from your bed, you can read a couple different books, one of them being a book called "passwords" and once you meet certain goals, you click on the goal and it generates a password. problem is, i have NO idea what these passwords are for?

secondly, on the left side of that same screen, theres what looks like a smart phone, once you click on it, it supposedly lists things you can unlock??? maybe??? clicking on one such as "shiny gold veggies" asks, for a password, but none of the passwords i was getting from the tab above seem to work?

thanks for any info guys!

User Info: Stormfeather

3 years ago#2
From what others have said, there is an iOS version of the game (or companion for it or something, I'm not sure exactly) that is coming out... next year? Something like that. Apparently the passwords are meant to be used back and forth between them.

Yeah, disappointing. :/
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User Info: xxzenn01xx

3 years ago#3
oh ok, thanks for the reply. and yeah, it is quite confusing since it doesnt bother to tell you lol

User Info: LeBurns63

3 years ago#4
I've just been using the password unlocks like a kind of achievement list. I got three unlocked.

I know I'll never get the iOS version, and to be honest, 'sometime' next year I would assume I'm playing something else by then.
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