Just Platinumed the game!

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User Info: razisgosu

3 years ago#1
My god these games love throwing in annoying farming trophies lately. Demon Gaze and this both took way longer than they should have due to farming trophies.

All in all I really enjoyed the waifu simulator more than the dungeon crawling. The combat wasn't bad, but I've played better dungeon crawlers with a more satisfying combat experience, Demon Gaze, Etrian Odyssey, etc.

Overall I'd say Ellie and Fuuko had the best character stories. I should have seen the way Fuuko's story was going to end, but I'm disappointed to say I did not come to that conclusion in time, it made sense though. The other girls seemed to just have typical problems that you had to run around and help them with/fix.

Favorite girls, for me in order was Serina, Fuuko, Ellie, Torri, and Feene/Narika/Chloe are pretty much tied for last.

User Info: Dcrist86

3 years ago#2
Nice. I just noticed that there is a normal and harem ending too. I'm hoping I can get near completion tonight since I am off.

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