HELP with Clubman Kart Cup 100 Race 2 and 3!

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User Info: bultje112

4 years ago#11
scrahfy posted...
im losing my mind seriously. i cannot come close to winning. its making me want to break my controller. anyone know of some good tips or videos to help me? i would be forever in your debt=)

the third one I got in first time. but the 2nd one. my god is that hard.

User Info: ionenwks

4 years ago#12
RogsR34UK posted...
I am struggling with this as well. I tried adding 9Kg to the front of the Kart as ballast which toned down the handling a bit, but I don't seem to be getting any nearer to managing to finish without crashing as I find the steering too sensitive (tried -2).
As far as I understand it, setting it to -2 makes it worse... it takes longer before it returns to 0.. might stop you from steering too hard, but ultimately you'll go slower, personally I karted with +2 on my controller and analog

didn't try ballast.. didn't seem needed, biggest mistake I ever made karting is always overshooting turns (keep thinking back to gt5 or junior karts where I pretty much never needed to brake).. braking hard a decent amount before the turn solved most of my problems

reducing top speed too much can cause problems too, extra acceleration makes it easier to spin out, so find a balance or be very careful with the throttle

for shifter karts 3rd race, I set it to automatic, was easier to focus on my line (which was still bad) -- did take a fair deal of tries though (made me a lot of credits since I kept coming in 2nd).

Edit: oh yeah, I still have my exported replay of my shifter 3rd race.. can people load other people's replays? I guess I could upload it if someone wants it in-game rather than watch youtubes.. but doubt it'd be much of a reference (raced rather dirty and made a lot of mistakes despite 1st)

Edit2: re-looking at my replay, I feel like the bad start I did had something to do with my win.. spent most of the race in 8th then 6th position, and before I realized the top3 had slowed down to a crawl

User Info: RogsR34UK

4 years ago#13
Finally succeeded with those Clubman Kart 100 races. I put 9Kg of Ballast right at the front for a 50:50 distribution. Reduced top speed to its minimum of 62 Mph and set the Final Drive to 4.800. Not easy, but manageable with a little care. Avoid the kerbs while turning.
PSN & Gamertag - RogsR34UK

User Info: Dubey89

4 years ago#14
I beat all 3 on default settings.

1st one is easy.

2nd one took about 10 tries. You have to have pretty much a clean run, but if you don't hit any walls, the AI will let you catch up by the 5th lap. Any spin outs or hard wall hits though and you are toast. just learn the course and drive carefully.

I don't remember having any trouble whatsoever on the third track. Same strategy as #2, just drive carefully and let the rubber band AI do their thing.

just be careful, don't hit rumble strips while turning, and be careful not to accelerate too hard when the wheels are turned.

User Info: timlake

4 years ago#15
Yeah, the first one is like night and day from the second!
Nearly punched my wheel a few times on that.

I found the way to master it is to keep everything smooth. Only brake hard when in a dead straight line, then ease off (easier with pedals) and apply power gently. Also DO NOT clip the apex as the second your tyres leave the ground, you're on the way to spin city :)
It's more important to keep a fairly consistent speed than to worry about a high speed I would say.

Hard to tell if the third one IS actually much easier or you are just so conditioned by the second that you ace it

User Info: todwest

3 years ago#16
I have been stuck on this race for two days now. I cannot get higher than 4th place. I have been tweaking settings all over the place. I can accelerate past the first four cars, but then the three in front simply pull away at speeds I cannot possibly duplicate. I guess some people are skilled enough with a controller to get past this section, but I doubt I ever will. This race needs to be nerfed. It is far too difficult for this stage of the game.

User Info: mrszmr

3 years ago#17
I followed RogsR34UK's tip of adding some ballast weight and tweaking the transmission and it took me about 5 tries to win the second race.
As for the 1st and 3rd races I won with default settings.
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User Info: AzureMinor

3 years ago#18
I finally beat the 2nd race, also, with some of this help. What I did was drop the gears (top speed, final and starting gear) almost completely toward accelerating early so that I could pass the leader early in the first lap. After that, I just had to not mess up any. The AI racers don't have an easy time passing you if you stick to the best line.
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User Info: Error1355

3 years ago#19
f*** these races.
They let us play with markers...
...But I keep trying to draw infinity.

User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#20
I found regular kart 100 much easier to drive than kart 100 spl.
Btw, it really annoys me that AI accelerated way faster than me on the start even if the car has no gears or grip issues.
PSN: GunmaN1905
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