is it still fun or ok fun solo?

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User Info: shads3055

4 years ago#1
serious reply. Im so on the fence to get it. seems fun but I play online much im not good online and don't have friends that play. sure I can join a random game but will it be fun for me? I like solo play and want to get this game maybe for that. is it worth it or no.

please help and explain.

User Info: SomboSteel

4 years ago#2
I havent played it yet, but it will most likely be much harder and more tedious playing solo. You will have to do ALL the work, the bots will only help you in a firefight.

If you do want people to play online with, there are plenty of nice people on this board. I would recommend that if you do end up getting the game.

User Info: shads3055

4 years ago#3
Thanks I will think about it.

User Info: Theonerayman

4 years ago#4
shads3055 posted...
Thanks I will think about it.

Playing solo is pretty rough and no where near as fun BUT, the first payday had a good community (on the PC at least) so finding a good game shouldnt be to hard.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#5
if you dont intend to play online then its going to be pretty brutal. as said youre going to have to manage everything which means longer heists that lead to less ammo and meds for you. this also means no higher difficulties which are tied to how much money you get. So playing on normal means youll be earning skills and upgrades MUCH slower.

the game is still fun playing with random people in my expereince (pc) and because of the the way the games designed theres not a whole lot you can do to really screw your team over (a few exceptions aside). If you play with randoms then most people assume theres a good chance that stealth is out the window (since it requires a LOT of coordination) so most people (in my experience) dont get bothered if the **** hits the fan.

What id recommend is to play on normal until you get an idea of how each map is played. then you can crank up the difficulties. any seasoned player or someone who really wants to do something specific doesnt play on normal anyway.
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User Info: Nall77

4 years ago#6
I tried the beta, I did a solo run and my AI partners didn't even have their masks on when I was 3 minutes in the heist...yeah...they are thick as bricks.
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User Info: Crauling

4 years ago#7
If you have that solo mindset, I would say to stay away from the game. It would be unfortunate having someone who plays as a lone wolf in a largely focused team game. However, if you're willing to talk (and believe me, a headset is a must) and plan your heists, then you will have a lot of fun with Payday 2.
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User Info: phoneixfencer

4 years ago#8
Well, let's look at a mission. There's one called Watchdogs. It starts off with you inside a truck and you have to move 8 bags of drugs across the map. When you're playing with a team, each person only has to move 2 bags. When you're solo, you get all 8 by yourself. And since the maps are dynamic, the place you have to move the bags to will change every time so it's not like you can get them somewhere ahead of time.

There's another mission called Rats where you have to cook meth while the cops are storming the building. The bots won't help carry meth ingredients, so you'll have to leave the safety of the house several times to gather supplies since you can't just dump them in a pile where it'd be convenient and then you'll have to carry several bags, one at a time of course, out of the house while the cops are shooting you. Then later you'll be getting cash out of briefcases that are also wired with c4. Ideally, someone will disarm the c4 while you gather the cash because if you're not quick, the whole bus explodes.

And because you're solo you'll probably be stuck to the easiest difficulty so instead of earning 400k a pop you'll be getting 5k and it'll take you forever to earn new weapons or skills since those cost cash as well as skill points.

It's like trying to ride one of those 2 person paddle boats. Sure, you can do it alone but you're just making it so much more difficult than it needs to be.
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User Info: shads3055

4 years ago#9
Ok not getting it

User Info: purerage

4 years ago#10
I would have to agree with probably not getting it if you really don't want to play with randoms. In playing the beta solo, there is honestly no way you will be able to beat many of the levels solo unless they release some kind of patch that allows the AI to perform objectives, which seems unlikely.

I think there are about 6 missions in the beta, of which I've only been able to beat 3 solo after many tries (playing with the AI). I'm sure the others can be beaten solo, but it's a question of how many tries before the level/game becomes not fun anymore. So I'd say this game is definitely co-op required to beat the harder the missions.

I am like you and don't know if any of my friends will be getting the game, but the beta was fun enough for me to chance it with randoms and hope that at least 1 or 2 friends pick it up. It is a shame that the AI doesn't do any objectives because it that would really make the game shine.
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