So, worst DotP evah?

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User Info: Zelkyplant

4 years ago#1
IMO yes.

User Info: theycallmeslims

4 years ago#2

Deck Balance? No, 2013 has that honor with goblins 1v1 and crosswinds 2v2. 2012 wasn't much better with beknighted, discard and illusions.

Building options? No, for one you can alter your land count which make the deck options helpful.

Overall, i don't like how they balanced decks in general as top 5 clearly ops the bottom 5. They card also seem to give you less powerful card options. If you ask me, they just made the dummy decks too strong and the skilled decks too slow/weak (Dimir and Dragons get shredded by MM, AG, DW, aura, and MD).

User Info: theycallmeslims

4 years ago#3
BTW i'm basing my observations on 2hg as i exclusively play that online.

User Info: Mead

4 years ago#4
Mtg in general has never been very balanced. Every block there are a few decks that are nearly unbeatable.
A wizard did it.
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User Info: Gary_Miller

4 years ago#5
So why do you think it's the worst?

User Info: CanadaGuy6

4 years ago#6
I actually think DotP 2013 was pretty good in the deck balance department, but maybe that's just because I never played online. Or at least thinking in terms of colour distribution and styles of play, not raw power.

I'm tempted to say that the first DotP was the worst one, since there was almost no deck customization at all. You could only add or remove the cards you unlocked by winning duels; you couldn't adjust your land count or take out cards you didn't want in order to keep your deck size down. That led to massive deck imbalance, since the only good decks were the ones that already had good synergy (elves, vampires, burn, and maybe Jund or landfall). Granted, Wizards was trying something sort of new at the time - "testing the waters", as it were - but I'm not sure some high-standards game enthusiasts here will buy that excuse.

Personally, I think Sealed Mode for this year's edition was an idea with great promise that they just didn't quite get right. A bare-bones tutorial coupled with difficult opponents using mono-colour decks has spawned no end of whiners wanting to reset their campaign slots because they think their cards aren't good enough. It's doable, but it's harder than it needed to be, and the game doesn't give you a lot of help. Still, I find it more enjoyable than fighting against almost impossible odds (i.e. a large opponent handicap and not-as-good-as-humans AI partners) in 2012's Archenemy Mode, or taking hours to get through one game of 2013's Planechase Mode because you got stuck on certain planes that wouldn't let anybody do anything (Kessig, Prahv, Zephyr Maze, etc.)

As for the single-player campaign, I like the flavour of it in that they were trying to base decks on some of the more popular planes, but the way they incorporated the other planeswalkers besides Chandra seems kind of like it was stuck on as an afterthought. I.M.H.O., it would have been better if the planeswalkers had shown up as mandatory secondary bosses on each plane, preferably one they are associated with in some way (Liliana on Innistrad, Garruk on Shandalar, Ajani on Alara, etc.). But most of all, I miss the balance of colours and styles that 2013's decks brought.

I don't think this is the worst DotP, but I will agree that there are some aspects of it that could have been done much, much better.

User Info: TeiohGuildless

4 years ago#7
1v1? I don't know much about 2012 at launch, I only got into about 3 months before 2013. Compared to that point, balance is worse here. At least BK didn't have a great match up against Dark Heavens. Humans doesn't have a bad match up, and Illusions doesn't really either, just is less consistent than Humans so beats itself sometimes. Zombies only less than 50% match up are those two, so that almost counts.

2013, even at launch, had goblins, which really wasn't that bad. It beat the dickens out of Mill, Cross, Yeva, and usually Exalted and Pack. It went pretty even with Life Gain and PK, and it had a less than 50% match up against Chandra and Lily. It wasn't the one deck solve all. I mean, if I knew my opponent was going to just keep playing goblins, I could swap to a decent deck against it.

Here, i've had plenty of folks who spam Humans and Illusions only, and even knowing that, there's nothing to swap too counter it. Lord knows why they're so afraid of losing, they'll concede the moment before a kill shot to preserve their precious epeen.

For 2HG, while more decks are viable now, I think it's a lot less fun, even at launch. 2013 pretty much went down to 3 deck types for it that rock-paper-scissored each other. Blue Combo>Black Control> Red Aggro> Blue Combo. Was hard to claim benefit to win ratio going outside those types.

It's hard to say here, as every pair sorta ends up playing fairly similar, as everything is an aggro deck, or a one trick pony deck like Aura, Chant, or Dragon. No matter what's playing, it all feels very samey and bland from both sides.

Which is where 2013 was great, and if it wasn't for Time Warp from Blue, Exansiguate from Lily, and well....a great many things from Goblins, the decks would've balanced and meshed so well. I really liked how combining two decks, (even just in base 10), made a 2HG deck that played a lot like an archtype from magic.This was probably because the first 10 decks were mostly mono color, but they meshed well and worked together, unlike 2014 where it's more like we're playing next to each other.

For example, I could play Chandra+Winds and get nice Counter Burn esque deck, or Lifegain plus Wins for classic U/W control, or Chandra+ Lily for Black/Red board control, or Lily plus Jace for U/B control, or Gobs+Chandra for Red Deck Wins. The two decks would combine to play something very similar to a real, traditional magic archtype, which was really cool team work. That level of interaction isn't present in 2014, as it's just poorly designed.

Of course, it often wasn't present in 2013 once everyone figured out Time Warp insanity, and even before it got really bad with Mind Storms, folks were all about the Serra Ascendeant lameness.
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User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
4 years ago#8
I still see plenty of card synergy personally, I just don't see as many ways to really help your ally out or completely mesh your decks.

I play Deadwalkers a lot, my friend plays Dracomancer a lot. A turn 2 8/8 flyer with haste is pretty monstrous.

Dimir matches with, say, Chant extremely well, as all you need is a couple draw cards and you can get chant up and running in just a few turns. This works with any other deck that would usually draw itself out, such as draco, deadwalkers, slivers, etc. It's also capable of mooching off of big creatures it's allies may have, so it's similar to a new "auramancers", able to give card advantage to a deck which normally would have that as it's primary weakness, and capable of playing enough control to keep both enemy decks down.

Probably my favorite part of it though, is the cheap creatures dimir has which usually draw removal, but won't because you have to make the choice between a 6/6 with deathtouch that spawns countless zombies, or an unblockable that forces you to discard a card of the opponents choosing. Worse yet is when you get an unblockable with, say, hexproof, that can create copies of anything on the field. I've managed this only once, and the game didn't last long after that.

My biggest issue is the reduction in board wipe, with the amount of protection from single removal. Nobody cares if they lose one human token out of 20, nobody cares if they lose one zombie when they can just bring it back. Every deck seems focused around a turn 5 or 6 win, which is more accurate, but they still aren't as capable of it without near perfect draws... and those don't happen often.

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