How to improve Ducktales Remastered

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User Info: Master_Loki

4 years ago#1
I think this game is great, and I'd rate it higher than an 8.5, maybe even a 9.0. The thing is, there are things they could definitely improve on, maybe in a patch in the near future or something.

Things that need improving:
- Less predictable boss patterns.
- Fix the freezing issues
- Add the option to skip cut scenes via a button (like triangle or an R button) instead of start->skip.
- Ability to control Bubba Duck more accurately. He always broke boulders I needed to grab chests.
- Make Gizmoduck go ahead of you, instead of behind you. Improve his following AI, so he doesn't get stuck behind.

These are really simple fixes that I can think of that would make the game more enjoyable. The game is amazing already though.

Any other things you guys think need fixing or improving?

User Info: VanguardFate

4 years ago#2
- Was designed with little kids in mind. They said they purposefully made the bosses fun but not too difficult. Yes, I know people are against hand-holding and say it's ruining the industry. But, sad truth is, that's just what kind of market this is now. A lot of negative reviews bash this game for difficulty, but their complaints would be erased by playing on Easy mode since that's more like modern games with infinite continues and checkpoints. So if Easy = Normal, it probably would've gotten 9.0 all across the internet...

-Haven't experienced any freezing. Maybe that varies?

-Agree with other points.
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