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User Info: sulfurmeth

4 years ago#1
I was wondering if your able to farm these like you can with parts?

User Info: gaom45

4 years ago#2
You can redo maps for Extend coins. You also get a very tiny amount for certain dialog during the map. Example: Having Amuro attack Char and initiating their conversation will net you 5 coins the first time. If you redo the map and have them talk again it is 1 coin. (This is aside from the map completion bonus coins)

User Info: joekage

4 years ago#3
Go for short maps like the Zoids Genesis and chose ''no upgrade''. You can finish the map in 1 turn and get 70 EC at a time.

User Info: nick9977

4 years ago#4
What Zoid genesis stage? I am pretty sure It not even out yet.

User Info: hakennanbu

4 years ago#5
Don't be so crazy over detail, you know there's only one zoids stage in part 1.
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User Info: gaom45

4 years ago#6
Are you actually low on Extend coins? I have more than enough just from grinding for regular money and getting some extra levels for people that fell behind the main group.

User Info: sulfurmeth

4 years ago#7
It's not that I'm low on them or anything it's that I just wanted to make sure the game didn't depend on you spending real life money to get them. That's one reason I waited to buy the game before now.

User Info: JL Lee

JL Lee
4 years ago#8
Don't worry. So far there isn't any shop item that allows you to purchase EC using real money.

That said, you can purchase items to double the EC you gain in 5/10/15 missions.
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