Chapter 7

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User Info: Kingofdeathwar

4 years ago#11
Now it makes sense, if he is a ninja I can't argue anymore. he his one of the robots I relay on a lot cuz of it is agility. using it all out without paying any attention on it is En because the ability of combining for those blocks(Gattai). also a good last attack BGM and animation.

User Info: ShinyFeraligatr

4 years ago#12
Davzz posted...
Is that a playable King Gojulas? I'm guessing it's going to be a new Battleship that you will get to use unoften because of the stupid White Base again.

Is it similar to the Gandor in terms of operation? I'm getting SERIOUS GC vibes here.

Also, holy crap, FINAL ELDORAN SPECIAL. Awesome. Now all we need is a FINAL OBARI SPECIAL in Z3 and I can die complete.
Skill my HEART, ginga no hademate! Atsui yume wo moyase, ALL I CAN DO!
Skill my SOUL, Tamashii wo yobi samase! Jidai ga ore wo, michibiku kagiri, muteki SAAA!!

User Info: Kingofdeathwar

4 years ago#13
Why there is no upgrade for Exert? It only gets new attacks. If there is no new entries, atleast an upgrade for Exert.

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