how to use group/team deploy?

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User Info: hyperotaku

3 years ago#1
i have no idea how to use group function in SRT OE...

im currently at stage where i first meet and control sgt. frog with a gundam? and i still have no idea how to deploy in groups

i wish group selecting is as easy as alpha 3 or Z.. the group function in OE is confusing

User Info: Davzz

3 years ago#2
You don't automatically have the ability to deploy groups at the start even though you get units that already have the "Group" ability. You get it later.

Then it depends on the stage whether or not you can deploy group. If you can deploy groups on the stage, then simply selecting one member of the group will automatically select everyone within the group. If not they'll be deployed individually as usual. There is no need to do anything "special" to deploy groups.

Also, on stages where you can deploy groups, there's a limit to how many you can bring. Usually 4 I think.
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User Info: Rankaira

3 years ago#3
Groups are set in stone, you don't actually build any. On the mission stage you will sometimes notice that a mission has a red GR in it. That means you can deploys groups(Max of 4).

The grouping system actually makes sense when you consider that most of the groups are units that usually worked together in their individual series i.e. the 08th ms team,the valkyries,votoms(Red Shoulders, Barcoff squad) etc.

Full Group List

Scopedog TC RS - Chirico & rest of Red Shoulders
Scopedog TC ISS - Barcoff squad
Scopedog RSC, Berserga WP, AT Fly - Chirico,Ru Shako & Vanilla
Shield Liger, Command Wolf, Gustav MS - Ban, Irvine, Moonbay
Blade Liger, Lightning Saix, Dibison - Ban, Irvine, Thomas
Iron Kong Mk-II, Red Horn, Redler - Black, Rosso, Viola (DLC UNITS)
Gun Sniper LS, Gun Sniper NS - Leela & Naomi(sp?) (DLC UNITS)
Gundam, Guncannon, Guntank, G Fighter - Amuro, Kai, Hayato, Sayla
Gundam Ez8, Ground Gundam, Ground Gundam/GM Head, Hovertruck - Shiro, Sanders, Karen, Michel
NT-1 Alex, Zaku II Kai - Christina, Bernie
L Gaim, Dseerd, Novel Dseerd - Daba, Amu, Leece
Ingram Unit-1,Ingram Unit-2,Type-0 - Noa, Ohta, Kanuka
Valkyries(Alto & Ozma have the Super & Armored Packs respectively) - Alto, Ozma, Michael, Luca

These are the only units that can deploy in groups and you can't pick and choose units within a group to go together. For Chirico, Ban, Amuro, & Daba they have extra units that can be added to the deploy list at the same time as their group however only one instance of a pilot can be out at once.

Example:The last stage of Ch4 has the Red Shoulders & Barcoff squad deployed, Chirico deploys with the Barcoff squad in his Scopedog TC ISS and the Red Shoulders deploy in their Scopedog TC Rs' minus Chirico's. In order to deploy him in his Scopdog TC RS, you have to put both groups back in White Base and next turn deploy the Red Shoulders first with Chirico & then the Barcoff squad who will be missing Chirico's Scopedog TC ISS.
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