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User Info: dragoonwannabe

4 years ago#1
I have searched and only saw one topic touch on this, so I thought I'd see what the boards think...

My theory is that the skills that generate with a grimoire stone are the actions taken during the "grimoire chance" round.

For example, I was in a battle with a Ragelope, and during that battle, had two "grimoire chances," one with Raquna, and one with Simon. during those respective rounds, I had Raquna use Fortify, and Simon use Regenerate. After the battle, I received two grimoire stones, with those skills embedded in them.

In addition, I believe that the level of the skill that gets generated is equal to half the current level of the skill that is used (rounded up). In the above example, my Raquna used a level 5 Fortify, and Simon used a level 1 Regenerate. The grimoire stones that were produced had a level 3 Fortify, and level 1 Regenerate.

Now, this is really my only evidence so far. I plan to do more testing... unless this is old news, in which case... I'll just be grinding :P
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User Info: President_Marth

4 years ago#2
Then why do I get only up to level 3 Take and Chop?
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User Info: dragoonwannabe

4 years ago#3
Dunno. I don't really have any ideas on passive and non-battle skills yet (or enemy skills for that matter). I am just trying to make observations and test hypotheses.

Do you have skill points in gathering? If so, how many points? If not, then my idea doesn't have much merit. I would be curious to know!
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User Info: Machachan

4 years ago#4

My theory is that the skills that generate with a grimoire stone are the actions taken during the "grimoire chance" round.

This is wrong. These skills may have a higher chance (it's pretty likely, in fact), but you can also get passive skills as well as active skills that you did not use.

For example, I've gotten Fire grimoires without ever using Fire.

User Info: dragoonwannabe

4 years ago#5
Hmmm, thank you. That's what I was looking for.

However, you seem to agree that using a skill will increase the likelihood of that skill dropping in the stone. So... maybe not completely wrong?

I wish I had more data. I haven't been playing it, because I am trying to beat EOIV before Millenium Girl comes out (I had stopped right at the dragons and the 6th stratum when Animal Crossing came out...).

That's partly why I brought this to the boards. I figured there were a lot of people here that might be Grimoire grinding, ergo a huge data mine to tap.

Thanks for the feedback!
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User Info: Machachan

4 years ago#6
Yeah, I can't deny it and it just makes more sense. You'd probably have to wait with testing until you get the items that force Grimoire Chances.

User Info: slayn777

4 years ago#7
my anecdotal evidence points me to currently believing that character skills for grimoire stones are randomly selected from your current build, but that enemy grimoire stones will only be created if the enemy used that skill (possibly on that turn, but at least at some point in the battle).

My minor evidence is that I was trying to get a grimoire stone with the mantis slash ability. I fought probably 15 of the things (while using the home base buff that increases grimoire chance) and never got it because in all those battles I was binding its arms. Once I thought about the fact that if I want the skill I need to let it use the skill, and deliberately let it hit me in the face with the scythe skill before finishing the battle, only then did I get a grimoire stone with that ability.

User Info: tremain07

4 years ago#8
So if I want to get a Arm Hammer level 3 or 5 I have to let the zebra monkey hit me a couple of times until a grimoire chance pops up?

as for the scythe move what weapon is needed to use it spear,sword,ax or an actual scythe?

my death mantis hasn't regenerate yet so I might as well try and get arm hammer since I really hate the boars and the deers for their bull****

with the item cloning trick i'll make as many ambers as possible so that i can drag out the mantis battle as long as needed since as you said binding the arms will prevent you from getting the skill
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User Info: serenade_beta

4 years ago#9
The Grimoire has already been deciphered in the JP community.
The Grimoire contains enemy skills used THE TURN Grimoire chance happens.
It also chooses RANDOMLY from any skill the character has, passive or active. Does not matter if you use it or not.
On top of that, there seems to be a priority of Enemy move > Active > Passive

The level is random for the enemy. It is also random for the character skills, but it cannot exceed the character's skill's level.

So if you want an enemy move, you have to be lucky enough that they use the move on the turn the Grimoire chance pops up
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User Info: tremain07

4 years ago#10
after spending seven days in the forest I got these moves

Snow Cover level 5
Knockdown level 5
Charge level 1

the rest are mostly clutter but I gave Snow Cover to Arthur since he's good with that kinda I think I'll hand over Knockdown to Raquna to go with her level 3 Raging Edge and Arm Hammer

Since Simon's grimoire cannot be switched due to loss of swords and axes I guess I'll give Charge to the Highlander since he's got the highest attack what do you guys think?
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