Love's Uncertain Promise

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User Info: Blademaster_Aio

3 years ago#1
So you find the rainbow colored bandana and that's it?

The quest is over? Where's the guy? Or his body? Did I miss something?

This quest feels so... incomplete.

And why did you hear a random voice?

Maybe I pressed the A button too fast, and didn't read properly, but what I got from the text was: You hear somebody's voice but nobody's there.
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User Info: Adventurea

3 years ago#2
...The Bandana? Yeah, you're supposed to find that on B16F, in Middle-West Portion of the sand maze. If you hear a ghost, then I think you've already found the spot and can turn it in.

If not, From the stairs down, Backtrack. Once you've teleported to the other side, take the sand dunes to the left. That's the only moving sand you should cross, because if you head just south from there, along the edge should be the location you need to check.

Edit: Derp. You've already found it.

Do you suppose he's passed on now that someone found that silly thing?

User Info: Blademaster_Aio

3 years ago#3
Maybe. I didn't even know EO supported 'ghosts'. But now that I think about it, the 4th Stratum is a lovely place for ghosts. Especially at night. It's cramped. Trees attack you. Creepy, medusa based trees. And it's a wasteland.

That was kinda creepy though.

You hear a voice but nobody's there... and that's it. The end. -.-

I actually searched the floor once more after finding the bandana, thinking the guy was lost or something. I was thinking maybe it has a 'best ending' or something. Or maybe the guy would magically show up and say "Oh you found my lost bandana!" or something.

Quests like these leave a bad taste in my mouth for some reason.

...or maybe he'll haunt his lover now, since she has his rainbow bandana.
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User Info: Flame552

3 years ago#4
Wait...that was a ghost?

I assumed he was stuck in the quick sand right next to all his stuff and we just left him there...

User Info: Blademaster_Aio

3 years ago#5
Flame552 posted...
Wait...that was a ghost?

I assumed he was stuck in the quick sand right next to all his stuff and we just left him there...

We did what now? -.-

No way. There would've been an option to dig him out or something of the sort. And we're not that awful you know.

Actually, your explanation sounds legit, but there is no way someone's voice can escape if he's so deep in quick sand you can't even see him.

There are two ways with this 'quick sand' thing:

1. He's stuck. You here his voice. You can see him. You help him.

2. He's in so deep you can't see him. There is no way you could've heard his voice. Plus he'd be dead anyway.

And it's a desert sure, but there is no quick sand, just some sand flow stream things.
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