Is Ambition Mode worth it?

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  3. Is Ambition Mode worth it?

User Info: zenandi

3 years ago#1
Feels like a chore right now, to be honest.

And the other thing I don't like (small gripe tho) is who I recruit. Who the heck wants Huang Hao on their team? That's the Shu Eunuch right?

User Info: Korbel_Massacre

3 years ago#2
Its pretty redundant, But a great concept they started.

Seems like Koei keeps Effing up since DW3/4/5. 6 and 7 were garbage. Theres alot of improvements they need to do for ambition mode and choosing which officers join you on the battle and which u release is a must.

Anyway ambition mode seems to only be worth getting red hare, the war elephant, tempering weapons and leveling characters up in the academy. Otherwise the actual battle content here is pretty repetitive and boring.

User Info: Taterzz

3 years ago#3
you need ambition mode if you want to make custom weapons. i've heard that mock battles are also a great place to learn skills as well. i just hate how very, very few choices of battles we get after seeing the variety 7 had.
You just lost the game.

User Info: TalynRahl

3 years ago#4
Also you can only get Shadow Runner, Hex Mark, the GODLY Red Hare and the slightly underwhelming, for what it require War Elephant in Ambition mode...

that is if you have ~90 mins set aside to do 100 battles without leaving :D

User Info: Mikis_Khan

3 years ago#5
where is sha moke?
“No Han general would ever submit to the dogs of Wu!” - Fu Tong
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  3. Is Ambition Mode worth it?

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