Christ, why does my game keep freezing?.

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  3. Christ, why does my game keep freezing?.

User Info: armourxii

3 years ago#1
It's crashed a total of 14 times now over the last two days. Just after I pick my character in story mode (Any faction), music plays then it goes to the loading screen..then the music stops and my xbox becomes unresponsive. I'm not the only one to have this problem, as I've done a little digging, but there appears to be NO decent information about this online. It also froze once on a level where you have to kill Guan Yu at the end. Killed him, then it froze again and my xbox become unresponsive. What is wrong with this game?

User Info: BloodyAura

3 years ago#2
Are you using dlc weapons? If so, that causes the loading screen to freeze in Story mode before battle(a way around that is to avoid selecting a dlc weapon until in the camp).

It could also be freezing because you haven't installed it, which I highly recommend, then clear cache every once in a while(press Y when high lighting storage/hard drive device to do so); however if you use XBL, avoid clearing cache as you'll have to re download patch every time- and the patch did help, you should get the patch if you haven't yet, it helped with the freezing and major slowdown, but remember clearing the cache means you'll have to re-download the patch, I don't know your situation so I'm mentioning both options with or with out xbl.

The other reason may be your console is overheated, and this game is sensitive to that, and freezes.
If this proves to be the case, you can buy a cooler to hook onto your console at amazon for a reasonable price, it's worth it, I have one and my console runs smoothly with no issues.

User Info: Banga88

3 years ago#3
it will sound repetitive but... try clearing the cache, i have the same problem but with other game (skyrim) so i cleared the cache and it never freeze again
It`s Just That Simple

User Info: PoloSavage26

3 years ago#4
Hey man. Glad to know I am not thee only experiencing this isssue. Here is how trued to resolve thee issue and what I figured out.

Went to Gamestop and swapped game for brand new CD; problem still occurred.
Went back to Gamestop and was told to try and delete DLC; I did and the issue stopped.
I redownloaded DLC and after a couple boards in story mode, the problem once again reoccurred.
*What I have come to realize is that certain boards forces you to use certain characters. If you choose a character that the game does not want you to use, then it freeze and glitch up the way it doies. I see no other way around this except to guess who is the right character or just play without DLC weapons (which will suck).
Hopefully this helped.

*I also see, that someone else recommended equipping regular weapons until you are in thee camp. I just tried it and it seems to have worked. I will let you know with another board. But so far, it seems to work. Tru!!!

User Info: kamikazee786

3 years ago#5
I just downloaded the game off the xbox 360 marketplace, i have no other DLC apart from the japanese voice option.

Now with that enabled i can play any part of the game however the problem starts when i go into story mode and select a character to play a stage with.

The loading screen appears, music still plays however thats it. The stage doesnt load up and the game doesnt go anywhere else ?

If i use the english voice this doesnt happen and everything works fine, but i really want the voice overs !!!!

Am i the only one this is happening to and are KOEI going to do something about it ?

User Info: VENUSlayer

3 years ago#6
The same thing is happening for me.
I suggest taking to twitter and letting @inspchin and @tecmokoeieurope know that the 360 version needs a patch, otherwise we'll likely never see one..
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  3. Christ, why does my game keep freezing?.

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