Opinion:The most disappointing gold character

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User Info: G00dguymatt2

3 years ago#11
John Stewart Green Lantern I wanted my favorite Green Lantern to be strong

User Info: IanoWelsh

3 years ago#12
Bane for sure

User Info: Mjr2022

3 years ago#13
Prison Superman followed closely by Regime Raven.

User Info: Yawgmoth

3 years ago#14
Yawgmoth the Ineffable
FC: 3625-9412-0054 IGN: Diogenes

User Info: zodisdope

3 years ago#15
TT Cyborg, he could have so much more if they gave him something more than his stun for spec 1

User Info: krazyfu

3 years ago#16
Elseworld Flash and Batman Beyond

User Info: CMonster97

3 years ago#17
Black Adam definitely. Heck, DC made a movie in 2010 and Shazam AND Superman could barely handle him, but now he's just weak.

Bane is also a disappointment because he's suppose to have broken the bat, but he hardly comes close to any of the batmen.

User Info: jdh3232

3 years ago#18
Prison Superman was my first gold card over a year ago. He is a Level 39 EII card while I have a host of Level 50 EVII cards. He is definitely the most disappointing to me

User Info: NightwingFTW

3 years ago#19
New 52 Nightwing, as a huge nightwing fan I was excited when a gold nightwing was released, I even saved up the 182,000 to get him, and although he is decent he hasn't lived up to my expectations

Bane also is a close second, even at E2 he sucks

User Info: Injustice13

3 years ago#20
Else World Flash. Terrible stats and a somewhat useless passive...
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