RSSG or RS Batman

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User Info: CMonster97

3 years ago#1
I've been debating whether I want to switch out Solomon Grundy for Batman in my red son team. Batman has better stats, but I think Solomon Grundy has a slightly better passive.

However, switching in batman would make a very powerful offensive team, and I wouldn't consider taking any other character out of my red son team because it doesn't make sense. Take out superman, and they just have average damage, take out WW, and I can't put out specials as quickly, which is the key to Batmans advantage.
I'd like to know what you guys think, as many of you are a lot more knowledgable than I am at this game.

User Info: bjr9j

3 years ago#2
personally, I like RSSG with RSSM and RSWW. I think RS bats works nicely w/ RSDS.... mainly b/c RSDS's level one hits 3 times and you'll get unblockable each time w/ it. plus, it makes RS bats very fast. RS bats is, unfortunately, maybe the worst RS character, but it's still cool to have multiple RS teams now.

but if you don't have RSDS, I still think RSSG is better w/ the original RS team.

User Info: Finn-X

3 years ago#3
RSBatman is more useful than RSSG.

His special 1 can special disable and stun which can be abused to bombard your foes with critical special 2's.

User Info: NickSMASH

3 years ago#4
RSSG! Batman has a useless passive unless you don't know how launch unlockable moves
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User Info: Gambit11

3 years ago#5
For now RS batman is probably the worst RS until they bring out RS Green Lantern

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