Tips for Sinestro and Bonus Lvl 2

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User Info: mrwiseguy0905

4 years ago#1
Hey there my team constists of Nightwing Elite Lvl 19, Cyborg lvl 18 and Flash Elite lvl 17, all bronze and inkl. bonus cards so far. however right now i have a hard time dealing with sinestro and the bonus lvl 2 since all those silver chars are pretty much kicking my ass?

are there any tipps? should I save for a silver char myself? or should i lvl up my other chars and save for a gold booster?

User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#2
You need to unlock their Supers.

Use one character from the start of the match as a bait so that he can hold off Sinestro long enough for Nightwing to build energy. When Nightwing comes in just focus on draining Sinestro's meter whenever he has anything worthwhile to use. When Nightwing eventually dies your 3rd & final character should have enough or almost enough for a Super. Buy the Super for whoever has the highest damage between Cyborg & Flash.

Oh and never switch characters against Sinestro.
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User Info: mrwiseguy0905

4 years ago#3
sry maybe a dumb questions but how exacly do i buy supers or what are supers exactly?

User Info: caimot

4 years ago#4
do you notice the meters that fill up at the bottom of the screen? thats your super meter. when viewing a certain character (card) by taping on it, youll notice that at the bottom of the card are supers in which you can unlock and upgrade.

I I too was stuck at sinestro. I just farmed at the last battle that uses 1 energy until i got 75k and got the 25% off gold booster pack. I got black adam (weakest of the golds) and already had a silver joker so sinestro had no chance once they leveled up.

User Info: IronChef_Kirby

4 years ago#5
I only just tonight managed to beat Sinestro, and I could never have done it without adding a silver card (Joker) to my team.

User Info: Mellina_Sarth

4 years ago#6
My time against both Sinestro and bonus 2 were a little bit easier. I had both bane and doomsday (gold versions). I had bought dooms day's lvl 2 which can wipe out even a silver character when charged to max damage so Sinestro went down easy. The bonus round was even easier thanks to Doomsday (who was then made elite) due to his health regeneration trait. Now I have a new place to grind out credits.
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User Info: morac

4 years ago#7
For Sinestro I had a silver Cyborg with an updated level 2 power up that took off like 2000 health per use. I then used a Sinestro silver with a level 2 power up which has energy drain along with a Harley Silver. I managed to build up Cyborg's energy (he gains at 150% normal when not tagged in) and hit Sinestro with two 2000 damage blows. The rest came from Sinestro and Harley. It took me a couple of tries still since the Silvers were only level 12.
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