How often do you lose the online battles

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User Info: Mikey293

3 years ago#1
I always lose at the last one because of those hideous hackers

User Info: NickSMASH

3 years ago#2
I only lose in defence
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User Info: Yawgmoth

3 years ago#3
100% offense, 33/34 defense.
Yawgmoth the Ineffable
FC: 3625-9412-0054 IGN: Diogenes

User Info: Monotof

3 years ago#4
Offense: With aobatman (e7) and killer frost (e2) i only lose if i don't focus.
Maybe one out of twenty.
If KF is on the other team with arrow (gold) and martian, things can become tricky.

Defense: my team containment Doomsday (e2)/ silv nightwing (e7)/killer frost (e2) rarely loses, but
that team doesn't fight a lot, or the other player quits just b4 he loses?

User Info: CMonster97

3 years ago#5
Honestly, I can win 14/15 maybe. But I need to quit in the middle of an epic battle because the first few battles will have high gear scores and killer frost. That's a horrifying combo. Those are the battles I can't win. EVII level 50 ww600, KF, and Batgirl with 200+ gear score each always kill me. That's the only team that consistently beats me.

User Info: apbadd11

3 years ago#6
Offensively the only time i have lost recently is one time when i faced Krypto Lex, AO Bats, and Shazzam with 300 gear score each. I didn't tap out my strongest player quick enough and he got KO'd and it was all down hill from there. Generally I don't lose, though it does get tricky with the combo i mentioned above when they have a high healing gear on special 1.
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  3. How often do you lose the online battles

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